Tuesday, March 28, 2006

To DJ = To Communicate

Some time ago I had a chance to interview Tobias Thomas - one of the Kompakt guys -, and I can totally agree with him that djing basically is about communication. The same thing can be said about music in general. I think those DJs, who got the attitude 'I don't give a shit about crowd if they don't like my records', are sort of silly and childish (for instance, see this post on Tape).

See, technically machines/computer can substitute a DJ, especially in a bar. But still a DJ is needed for this communication factor. A preprogrammed machine cannot really communicate and react as a human.

Plus there is another, broader thing regarding communication and DJing. It's a name or image of a DJ. Even if at first it might sound wrong DJs are actually kind of brands. Some people go to a club to see their favourite DJ, some DJs are more popular, some less, they represent different labels, music, styles, tastes etc. That's why a club/bar owner is interested to have a DJ not a computer, although the latter is even cheaper.

Just last remark. Not only DJs, who lock themselves away from a crowd, suck, the same I can say about those people which goes to parties expecting that a DJ gonna play just the stuff he likes, I mean, those fuckers who are totally demanding without being open. Because it should be 2 ways communication. Peace y'all!

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