Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just a quick note

Me and NeOn B., we are heading to Riga. Probably I'll spin some world/urban/clash tunes at Rīmu nakts. Should be fun. See you there or somewhere else, my friends.

On the (mini) tour

It's always a pleasure to visit my native town Riga, and it's even a bigger pleasure to DJ there in some nice party. This times it's turned out as a small mini-tour -- 3 nights of DJing in 3 different venues, and it's in row! Hey, musique non-stop!

The dates and the locations are:

26.10. The Golden Bar
27.10. Pulkvedis
28.10. Casablanca

All 3 nights I'm spinning together with Dmitry Z. (thanks him for managing all this!).

Music will range from minimal to electro to disco nuveau.

Just one idea came into my mind: you know those product tests in magazines? So we could do the comparison test of venues, and afterwards right a review. Well, if I do this, you'll be the first to read this.

The flyer and more info here.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NeOn B --- EchoLogic mix

I've selected and put together some nice, deep and dubby tracks (circa 2004-2006) for your pleasure. This mix was aired on the Signals radioshow few weeks ago (thanks to Ivarz), and now it's available online. The tracklist and brief comments follow below.

NeOn B - EchoLogic mix

+ Terrestre - Ultra Tumba [Static Discos]

The track is taken from Terrestre's Secondary Inspection LP (2004). Behind Terrestre's name stands Mexican Fernando Corona, who is probably more known for his Murcof project.

+ Anja Schneider - Lily of The Valey [Mobilee]

This superb example of the deep minimalism is produced by the Mobilee's head Anja Schneider, and according to Discogs -- co-produced by Pan Pot's Marco Resmann.

+ Rhythm & Sound w/ Bobbo Shanti - Poor People Must work (Carl Craig remix) [Burial Mix]

Berlin meets Jamaica meets Detroit. Rhythm & Sound imprint itself stands for the quality dub that merges traditional roots vocals with more contemporary approach to dub production. Now it is taken to another level by the techno wizard Carl Craig. This freaky but very interesting track is taken from the seminal See Mi Yah remixes serie.

+ Chelonis R.Jones - Deer in The Headlights (Radioslave remix) [Get Physical]

Get carried away on a psycho highway by Chelonis R.Jones and Matt Edwards.

+ Bulgur Brothers - Cocacolada [Karat] + Plastikman - Spastik

Bulgur Brothers are Scandinavian producers Andreas Tilliander, Johan Skugge and Mikael Stavöstrand, but Karat is a French label focusing on that special French feel microhouse. On top I added some pieces of the legendary Plastikman's track.

+ Dan Curtin - Echozeichen (Someone Else Remix) [District of Corruption]

American Dan Curtin has been around for a while delivering some seriously funked up techno. Another American producer - Sean O'Neal aka Someone Else - is adding a tight metalic grip still keeping the track funky.

+ Dinky - Shake ya booty [Mental Groove]

Chicago's infected tech-house track by Alejandra Iglesias.

+ Dan Berkson & James What - Zig Zag [Poker Flat]

Dan Berkson and James McGarvie-Munn teams up for The Dig EP, which is released on the Steve Bug's label Poker Flat Recordings.

+ Aaron Hedges - Deutsch Lernen (My My Remix) [District of Corruption]

A.Hedges on his on label (which, by the way, hosts another fine tech-house artist - Jambi), and remixed by the heroes of the moment - My My trio.

+ GummiHz - A.A.K.N.Y. [Mobilee]

A Mobilee artist in the Mobilee style (but not German!).

+ Skat - Postcard [Karat]

Another thing from the Karat, this comes from Skat's The Day We Met EP.

+ Egg - Floating Mind [Karat]

Be aware that this is not the same Egg that is the author of Walking Away hit, this one is more minimal French toast.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Few days ago I saw Peaches in a concert. In fact, the show and music was better than I had expected. She didn't play alone just with a guitar and a drum-machine as she used to, but with a band including a live drummer, and another two people on synths and bass. She was less hardcore, less rude and provoking as (I suppose) she used to be, so basically the new image is more (electro)pop than lo-fi punk, which isn't a bad thing necessarily. Her new album I like even better than "Fatherfucker", which for my taste was too much into rocky guitars. But what's more important - it seemed that she's still quite honest in what she's doing (baring in mind that there's a lot of parody and irony in general, but her attitude is still ok, for instance, in comparison to Chicks on Speed, who pretend to be mega-artists, suckas). Conclusion: Peaches still rocks and entertains. Shake yer tits, shake yer dix!

Peaches - Downtown

NB! Chart - September

By the way, here's some music that has been on my turntables and my playlist in September:

> Format: B - Sex Drive [Opossum]

A smooth and rather kicking tech-house track from their Cosa Nostra Funk EP. Should go well together with Trentemoller et al.

> Spektrum - Mayday (DJ T. remix) [Nonstop]

The Get Physical guys have nicely treated this freaky track by Spektrum. It's electric, it's funky, it's groovy, ya know. Mayday, Mayday!

> Matthew Jonson - Automatic [Wagon Repair]

What a great track! I cannot figure out whether there is more techno or jazz in it, but it does not matter after all.

> Compuphonic - Placid Corporation [Dirty Dancing]

Another entry from the Belgian producer - a sweet and melodic nu-italo-dico track. It is not anything really revolutionary, extra-ordinary or hyper-fresh, but I'm still like this kind of music. By the way, Spirit Catcher's rmx on the flip-side is nothing special.

> Joel Mull - For Me [Underwater]

It's been out for some while, but I must admit that the AA track is a masterpiece of deep and building-up techno. For me, a bit reminescent of Dark Train.

> Gavin Herlihy - Machine Ate My Homework [Moodmusic]

When it came out I somehow didn't pay due attention to it - the first impression was that it was another pretentious piece in that new Get Physical style. I was wrong, it's a fucking brilliant anthem.

> Heinrichs & Hirtenfeller - Your Are I [Supdub]

Some nicely produced micro-action in a minor key.

> The Knife - Like a Pen (Thomas Schumacher dub) [Brille]

In fact this track is one of my favourite from The Knife's brilliant album, and I must admit that it's hard to beat the original. However, Schumacher has done a good job, this dub version is a really good addition. Again, as a reference Trentemoller's distictive sound might be used to describe this.

> Antena - Camino del Sol (Joakim remix) [Permanent Vacation]

A melodic, dreamy balearic tune yet a bit ackward and spooky. Well, Joakim is scoring once again with this remix. Not bad at all.

> Peaches - Downtown [XL Recordings]

Probably you hadn't been expecting Peaches singing a melodic (electro)pop song in a way Goldfrapp could do, but I sort of like her last album, particularly after seeing her live. She's still kicking, vibrant, and this song is a nice piece of good pop music.

Joel Mull - For Me

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

2 in 1

Hey folks! I've just done a new mash-up, merging together King Roc's Pressure and Soul Mekanik's 27/5/81.

A bit of splitting and cutting, a bit of mixing, then tweaking some Ableton effects, and here we go:

King Roc vs. Soul Mekanik - Pressure 81 [Hencha's abltn m-up]


Tell me what you think.