Tuesday, March 21, 2006

1,2 - cauri! is over!

The party "1,2 cauri!" (= 1,2 – over!) was promising enough, but actually it beat all my expectations – imo, Riga hadn't experienced such a good party for long time. Both main acts – Felix Kubin and Kevin Blechdom feat. Ad Hawk – were absolutely fucking brilliant.

The first one was Kubin - dressed in a beige suite, marching in the front of the crowd, staring straight forward and declaring/singing some wierd texts in German, English and even Polish, plus actively playing keyboards (one of them was a rather sweet oldschool Korg synth, resembling a mini-moog kind of thing). To be honest I was quite surprised to see him singing as almost all his records I have are instrumental. But it worked so well - catchy music + an entertainig show. I remember there were some songs about Kopernick and Donald Duck... All this accompanied by grotesque sci-fi videos. Nice, elegant and bizzare. Felix Kubin is a true prince of datatpop. Indeed, some call him a wizard, but I prefer 'prince'.

The next one was e-pop 'anti-diva' Kevin Blechdom, who sang on top of clicky laptop rhythms and melodies. Songs ranged from slow carol/country-type pieces to more contemporary TigerBeat6 aesthetics to parodies on pop songs, some of them accompanied by Ad Hawk. Regarding Kevin's look and image it was totally different as of Felix Kubin - she performed in a nightdress, a cowboy hat, cheeks coloured brown by chocolate (to look dirty, I suppose) and so on - sort of redneck stylee. As the final one she sang Whitney Houston's I will always love you, looping this phrase and repeating it till everybody got high. Oh, that was crazy and gorgeous! I had seen her twice before but this was the best, I think.

Due respect to the crowd, too. People reacted cheerfully to everything played by the artists. The same thing I can say about the rest of the event when I and Ernests tried out varios records from IDM to bastardpop to electrohop, and everything worked well. (In fact people didn't want to stop dancing, and a guard had to plug out a cord to stop the party.) Furthermore, the venue was a small place, and there was no real distance between artists and the audience, I mean, no real stage, thus making interaction direct and intimate. We need more parties in Riga like this one. Good job, "Skaņu Mežs" guys! Well, the unofficial 'afterparty' rocked, too, - as somebody called it 'a night to remember' :)

Some more pics by h.cha: party + afterparty

Felix Kubin - Hit me, provider

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