Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ray Charles vs. Kanye West vs. Diplo

My favourite tune lately is (opening a sealed envelope...):

Diplo's reconstruction of Ray Charles' classic I've got a woman.

Obviously Diplo is the right guy who knows how to fuck up an old song. I've tested it a couple of times on a dancefloor – and it works despite being a bit wierd! The only bad thing about the track is its length or, to put it right, it's shortness. Can anyone do a proper extended mix? (Plus I have to credit Eve Massacre from whom I learned about this track!!)

However, there is some mystery involved... In some sources this song/rmx is called Gold digger. Actually that's Kanye West's song which also uses the sample from I've got a woman, so it's a bit confusing whether Diplo has remixed the original one or Kanye's version, but anyway - it's kicking!

Diplo vs. Ray Charles - I've got a woman/Gold digger

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