Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm off to Riga for a week or so. That means: intensive partying, drinking, smoking, and DJ-ing.

My DJ-ing dates are as follows:

Fri, 16 : Peahen Workshop @ Andrejsala. Also featuring: the "Sriķis" band, DJ Augusts Zarins, DJ Galka Kulio, Virsnieku Balle etc.

Sat, 17 : Pulkvedis. Together with ZeDmitry, from smooth minimal to sexually charged electro.

Tue, 20 : (possibly) at Maharajah's b-day party @ Andrejsala.

Fri, 23 : (not confirmed yet) Pulkvedis, hosted by ZeDmitry.

Sat, 25 : FuckForFriendship room in the Art Academy Carnival. Some dirty elektrodisko aktion together with: ZeDmitry, Alise G., Kone, Android etc. Dress yourself up!

See ya there!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


This friday's gonna be exciting in terms of musical sensations. Not so many good events are happening in Luxemburg, but this time there will be two outstanding gigs on the same night.

First of all, Michael Fakesch, co-founder of now defunct electronic duo Funkstörung, will perform in a small intimate bar d:qliq. Funkstörung is something really special, but I suppose that his solo project shouldn't be worse.

Secondly, there will the Warp night in a bigger venue. Line-up includes 3 live acts: Plaid, Clark and Mira Calix. I don't want to miss any of them.

Furthermore, on january 17 Electronicat will perform at Luxembourg Philharmonie (!). Although the venue is really strange for this kind of music, must be fun - unfortunately I won't be able to see it because I'll be in Latvia then.

NeOn B. : January chart

Hey folks! It's time for a monthly resumé.

For me the end of last year and the beginning of 2007 as busy and messy time, I was aside from keeping track on new music. Now I'm settled down again, and it's time to look what I've missed worth not missing and to mention those special new tracks that anyway were in my playlist/record box.

> Gregor Tresher & Guy Gerber - Open Gates [Great Stuff]

Unlike Get Physical, which seems selling out, Great Stuff is a commercially based label, yet sticking to its in initial concept and standards, and they regularly have fairly good records. This one is a really nice co-production of G.Tresher, who is usually more into electrotech, and Guy Gerber, whose music is deeper. The combination of both is simply beautiful.

> Boys Noize - Feel Good (TV Off) [Kitsune]

This sort of silly, bleepy and catchy track is included in Kitsune Maison 3 compilation that have a remarkable freestyle selection. Looks like Boys Noize has become softer and more melodic recently.

> Radio Slave - Modena [Rekids]

The track comes from his No Sleep pt.1, and actually both tracks are solid dancefloor fillers, made in the best M.Edwards traditions - straight beat, slowly building atmosphere and some minimal melody. Be sure to check also No Sleep pt.2 (I love those jackin' tin snares in Screaming Hands!) and Secret Base.

> Steve Bug - Wet [Poker Flat]

Deep, moving and neatly produced masterpiece. I'm definetely going to buy it on wax. Right now.

> Robag Whrume - Pontifekks [Musik Krause]

This amazing electro track comes from Papp-tonikk EP that includes another great track - the jazz driven Ikke's Schlonze. This EP is somewhat untypical for him.

> Marcin Czubala - Gorky Park EP [Morris Audio Citysport Edition]

Although, I suppose, he is already quite known in electronic dance music community I've discovered this Polish producer just know through the last Mobilee release, which is OK, but I prefer funkier recent release on Morris Audio sublabel. All 3 tracks are amazing! What a smooth production! And lyrics on Gorky Park made me smile. By the way, I was surprised to find out on his Discogs page that he's also performed in Latvia - I've never heard of it. Can anyone confirm?

Marcin Czubala - Mini Cooper

> Jacopo Carrera - Olando [Lee Jones remix)[Lan Muzic]

Actually I know virtually nothing about Jacopo Carrera, but Lee Jones is the main hero in my favourite My My project. This remix is a piece of amazingly uplifting, beautiful and inspiring hymn.

> Minilogue - Leopard (Extrawelt remix) [Traum]

I haven't checked their much praised release on Wagon Repair yet, but the new remixes on Traum Schallplaten are if not exceptional but nice enough.

> Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit? (Tanner Ross remix) [Dirty Bird]

Remixes of VonStroke's track are out on his Dirty Bird imprint. From the first listen, the remix by Tanner Ross impressed me most, however, Audion's one is good too, and there's also a remarkable try from the legendary Kevin Saundersson on this record.

> Fairmont - Pavilion [Bpitch Control]

A mellow, dreamy and melodic track from Jake Fairley, included in Camping 3 compilation.

Other remarkable tracks: Ben Klock - Warszawa/Czeslawa [Ostgut Tonetrager], Trentemoller - African People [Nam Nam] (finally oficially out and comes with a new remix), Sally Shapiro - I'll Be By Your Side (Rude 66 remix) [Diskokaine], Fuckaponydelic - Switch The Light/Pee On You [Ineedsuperfreak] (oh this is freaky, pure acid).