Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Slovenian post

Have you ever heard any electronic music from Slovenia? I could give you an example. It's a track that comes from Hurt Detal EP on Slovenian label !"@.*!% (what a name! Had to use copy-paste to reproduce it. How is it supposed to be promounced?). Surprisingly they are distributed by no more, no less but Kompakt, which is an indicator of good music itself.

Milos - Broken Crane

The first Latvian astronaut

The Latvian electronic music producer NGC-5128 (pictured on the photo while working) has a new release on Romanian net-label Exposed Audio (again that mysterious Romanian-Latvian connection, recently I've been enjoying some Romanian artists like M.Popaviciu and The Model, and now this comes on my way).

NGC-5128 is a one man project, and he is well known in Latvian underground e-music scene. His cosmic fantasies transformed into nice music, that's why I call him the first Latvian atronaut. Nevertheless the fact of being one of the best Latvian techno producers, this is his first public relese, if I'm not mistaken. So cheers!

Regarding the given release, the drums sound to me slightly too straight, as of typical old-school techno, but the deep basslines and synth melodies are what I dig for. But better have a listen and judge yourself.

Rekorder's order

Probably you know the story: a secret alias by a well known deejay for the "Rekorder" serie, which is going to have 10 12" records. In the end of the serie, the producer would be revealed (as it said at It seems (and sounds) that S.Bodzin and O.Huntemann are involved in this project. Well, nice concept, cool tracks.

No 4 and 5 were excellent records, and the new - number 6 - keeps the high standards. It's got that special Rekorder sound, but it's still surprising and deliviring new qualities. (I think it's time for looking where to buy it, sounds worth spending some $.)

Rekorder 6.1

p.s. Check Luciano's remix of the Amelie theme, it's published on Tape. So sweet.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Hello out there, I'm back from holidays in Latvia! It's time for a small report.

Apart from the usual ways of spending time there, I was playing at the open-air ethnic/folk and Jamaican music festival Laba Daba, a rather interesting and conceptual event in a beautiful place surrounded by a forest and sea-side nearby.

My initial idea was to present some (danceable) music that reflect meeting different cultures, styles and epochs, which is an interesting phenomenon particularly nowadays, when the world, indeed, turns into a global village physically and virtually. One can observe exciting musical mutations when local musical traditions (traditional music) get exposed to musical concepts from other regions or to the dominant global popculture.

Well, I guess, I could at least partly implement this idea and the party hapenned despite some problems with a tent for DJs etc. Ethnoclash (I call it this way, because "world beat/music" is a bit outdated, one can speak about "urban culture music", but it's not exact as well...) worked well. From brazilian funk carioca, which is influenced by Miami bass and hip-hop, to afrofunk/afrobeat -- a hybrid of African and Afroamerican music, to London's 2-step merged with Pakistani popular bhangra, to Finnish dancehall, to Konono (Congotronics), to gypsies music etc.

For downloading I offer a piece produced by Jacques Lu Cont (a.k.a. Stuart Price, a.k.a. Les Rytmes Digitales, he also produced the latest Madonna's album) with vocals from General Degree. It comes from the concept album Two Cultures Clash on Wall of Sound, which involves dancehall/reggea singers produced by well-known electronic music producers. Breeding Jamaican music with the electronic one, of course, is not a new idea (see Rhythm & Sound from Berlin, for instance), however, this album contains some interesting tracks. By the way, I was really surprised hearing this track after few days in the Fontain Palace, Liepaja.

Jacques Lu Cont feat. General Degree - And Dance

Friday, August 04, 2006

Chart - July

> M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade - Body Language (Jona remix) [Get Physical]

Get Physical keeps its high standards -- some claimed it was the best record label in 2005, however, it has a handful of superb releases this year too, and is arguably the best label in 2006 so far, at least for me. This time Jona gets his hands (and tools) on the classic label's track, keeping its melody but twisting it into Get Physical's typical "new" sound (which is particularly shaped by Booka Shade, Electrochemie, Jona himself and the likes). Two other remixes are by superproducers Trentemoller and Matt Edwards/Radioslave.

> The Model - Are you always on my mind [Gigolo]

This one comes from Gigolo's Showcase vol.9, and it's produced by some Romanian guy (again! M.Popoviciu is from Romania too). His release Robotiko on Traum Schallplaten didn't impress me at all, but the new track is really nice electro cut.

> Cassius - Toop Toop (O.Koletzki remix) [Virgin]

This disco-electro-house tune is quite poppy, but it's sweet, craftly produced and have that summer feel. And for this reason I prefer Koletzki's rmx, not Mr.Oizo's.

> Robbie Williams - Rudebox (Soul Mekanik remix) [White label/Chrysalis]

Surprise! An incognito release from R.Williams that - thanks god! - contains only remixes. Actually Soul Mekanik guys deliver a tasty, funky and groovy rework.

> Aaron Hedges - Deutsch Lerner (My My remix) [District of Corruption]

Lee Jones and Nicolas Hoppner a.k.a. My My are one of my favourite projects for some while, and this remix is no exception.

> Petter - Some Polyphony [Border Community]

The 2nd Petter's release on BC is out. Nice, very nice!

> Junior Boys - The Equalizer (Morgan Geist remix) [?]

Well, I'm not a big fan of their original stuff, however, Morgan Geist has done a great job, and the result is simply fantastic - it's got that special high quality electro(nica)/IDM feel plus something reminiscent of 80's synth-pop.

> Pan-Pot - Black Lodge ep [Mobilee]

Regarding some more minimal action than trancey summer tunes, Pan-Pot's new ep on Mobilee is darkish, but very interesting. Both tracks are yummi. In fact, few days ago another Mobilee's release (by GummiHz) has come out, but I haven't still got my hands on it.

> Extrawelt - Titelheld [Cocoon]

Not outstanding, but OK.

> Chromatics - Glass Slipper [Troubleman Unlimited]

A dark nu-disco piece with a hooky melody.

Few other pieces: Larsson - Automat [Bpitch Control], Damon Jee & Olivier Giaccomoto - Jamon y queso (Martinez rmx) [Echocord], Epic Man & Plan B - Move is enough (well, this is more hip hop, but neatly produced. I don't know anything about them, actually thanks the Tape guys for publishing this on their blog, and I can just agree that this shall be a big hit soon.)

M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade - Body Language (Jona rmx)