Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Billy Jean going mental


1) I'm hardly waiting to see Apparat's gig on Saturday - yes, he's coming to Luxemburg. His new album Walls is sweet - he's a master in creation of melodic, uplifting, even pop tunes, yet delivering state-of-art IDM production qualities. You can listen some tunes from this album on Apparat's myspace.

2) Few days ago I was experimenting with Ableton, and found out that an accidental loop of acapella from M.Jackson's hit song - Billy Jean - fits well together with Altz's track Tune In. So, I made a recording - transposed the Billy Jean loop, and played it over and over again on Altz's track, adding some delays. The result is kind of dubby and psychedelic, in my view. Have a listen.

Altz - Tune In (Hencha's Billy Jean psychodub)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chart: July/August

August was (and still is) hot literally and in terms of great records and excellent parties at Space:Garage (see some photos). OK, some records that make my day:

> Samim - Heater [Get Physical]

Everybody's praising this funky tune, but I can't help myself resisting its appeal. One of the biggest summer hits for sure. It seems that Get Physical has partly regained its reputation for quality music (see also Paul Ritch's release). VonStroke's remix - as usual - ain't bad either.

> Anja Schneider - Loop de Mer / Belize [Mobilee]

The Mobilee's techno-diva Schneider has delivered two beautiful tracks. Both combine melodic summer-style qualities with subtle micro-detailed twists.

> Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco (Martin Brothers remix) [iO Music]

A groovy techno-funk remix from Martin Brothers, from Dirtybird camp. This is tricky!

> Paul Ritch - June/Messene [Get Physical]

French guy Paul Ritch now on Get Physical. However, I prefer Messene over the title track June. Even if the tracks don't seem anything special in the beginning they work nicely as the progression moves on.

> Mossa - Indulto EP [Milnor Modern]

As we know, Mossa is one of the funkiest French micro-house producers, and Milnor Modern - one of my favorite labels - also has kind of funky sound just more minimal. In the result we get probably the funkiest and bleepiest Milnor Modern record so far.

> Vincenzo & Joel Mull - Stockdown [Liebe Detail]

Lately the Swedish techno master J.Mull produces impressive stuff full of dark and atmospheric melodies and groovy bass lines. The latest one, co-produced with Vincenzo, is for lovers of deep soundscapes and massive bass. Check another side of the record, too, where Ed Davenport offers a classy hypnotic deep tech-house track with interesting drum pattern.

> Simian Mobile Disco - Believe (Switch remix) [Wichita]

Despite that I'm a bit tired of so called nu rave euphoria, I really fancy the Switch's remix - oh those heavenly strings!

> Chaim - Carolin [My Best Friend]

The title track is a solid and elegant piece of deep stringy tech-house. There's another good, somewhat techier track called Same Same.

> Alfredo Clonk - Back To Bombay [Heimatmelodie]

This EP contains 3 bleepy tracks with rather interesting production qualities. Check the B2 track, really freaky.

> Modeselektor - Let Your Love Grow [Bpitch Control]

The long-awaited Modeselektor's album Happy Birthday is quite diverse, having some really interesting tunes, but not necessarily designed for dancefloors though. Let Your Love Grow with vocals of Paul St.Hillaire (better known for his collaboration with Rhythm&Sound) is a lovely gem, which strange enough - to me sounds more like Massive Attack than Modeselektor. Whatever, the album contains some fresh ideas free from stylistic boundaries. You can read an interview with Modeselektor guys at Tape blog. Check also their new project with Apparat - Moderat.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Put on your dancing shoes

Sveiki, everybody!

Last Saturday spinning together with Veste and Gerald was nice - deep and easy, also trying out a bit weird records that one usually wouldn't play at a big dance party.

Then another thing. Despite that summer is being quite lousy regarding the weather, anyway I've got two kind of summer mood mixes to share. Both are mine, quite different tracks, more for chilling and listening than dancing. Feel free to check:

DJ Hencha - Fetamix

DJ Hencha - Flymix

At the moment I'm selecting records to bring them to Riga, where I'm going to DJ in few parties:

Friday 03/08 - Space:Garage, together with Maxim Kislovsky who is a resident-DJ at Griboedov Club in St.Petersbourgh.

Monday 06/08 - Peahen gallery, together with DJ Beton and Guincho.

Tuesday 07/08 - Minipower@Pulkvedis, together with Ivars Mednis, DV5 and Ivarzz. It's a monthly minimal/berlin techno night as well as a radioshow at RadioNaba.

Friday 10/08 - Netcords night@Space:Garage, the release party of netcords 002 by Martinez Gonzalez; besides him and me, Ivars Mednis and DV5 will play, some other guests may squeeze into the line-up, however, we'll keep you informed.

Well, that's it. Hope to see you, my friends, joining for a pleasant groove.