Monday, April 24, 2006 Mihai

Hello, everybody! It's Neon Bazooka talking, and you're listening to Neongrad FM. We just heard a couple of things from the new Mihai Popoviciu's minialbum French Kisses and Machinery, which was recently released on Arhiva7 netlabel...

...Nowadays, when minimal is everywhere, sometimes I find it refreshing listening to some ol' good electro(pop) stuff. Synthetic melodies, 808 beats, straight and rather simple. No wonder that last week-end some of the records I bought in Frankfurt's Delirium are not minimal at all (for example, Enik - Why do you love me?; Solvent - Radio Ga Ga).

So, at the moment I am listening the new release from the Romanian 'electrician' Mihai Popoviciu, whose Tales From The Moon ep was released on the Gigolo last year (I used to like it, especially the Sexy Spenders song). The new one is a solid record, too. The keywords stay the same: Gigolo, electro-/synthpop, italodisco, Pigna, Clone. Nevertheless, the guy has his own touch, some individuality, ya know. Actually these songs deserve to be released on vinyl.

There are several nice trax in this release, but for publishing I chose the one with a vocal in Romanian:

Mihai Popoviciu - In Zare

The rest you can get at Arhiva7

p.s. the domain is still free.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I've learned that the grandfather of soul/funk - James Brown - is coming to the town, this summer there will be a gig in Riga. That's grand! I must admit that I'm tired of his overplayed hits, but nevertheless I would like to pay due respect to him, - he has a talent which simply stands beyong any pop/non-pop distictions. In other words - this ecstatic muthafucka is a part of music history, no more, no less.

This one comes from that brilliant latino compilation by Mr. Coconut The Atom Heart. Obviously this song is about the Grandfather. Shake what your momma gave ya!


Ok, ok, this is about some local stuff... Recently I were checking some old, dust-covered files on my laptop, and found a rather wierd remix. It's made by Gas of Latvia (well, this guy is worth to be checked if you're into IDM/noise), and the ones who are remixed is a Latvian-Danish poprock band Aparāts (it's not THAT Apparat from Berlin). While listening the remix I suddenly realized that the actual song was played backwards and thus the remix title made sense - Abitselim Adlas actually is Salda Milestiba (sweet love) put from the other side. Nothing special, but anyway it's sweet to find out all these little things.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On road

I've been travelling around for a week, and (apart from few djings) I'm on the music-free diet. Hence, no new posts - sorry folks for that!