Friday, August 29, 2008

Riga rox à Bruxelles

Well, here we go again. This time quite important news. In September 16, Riga party will take place for the first time in Brussels. On this occasion, a bunch of my fellow DJs, associated with Fuck For Friendship / Space:Garage posse and all known in Riga, will spin for a good groove. So, it's gonna be me, ZeDmitry and Ivars Mednis. Furthermore, expect a live performance by Martinez Gonzales, visuals by Linards Kulless and Ginta Tinte, plus a Latvian film programme.

More info will come soon, meanwhile check the event's website.

And massive thanks to my lovely wife Liene Reine, Katya Delimova, JosWorld, Roi Baudoin Foundation, Air Baltic, FFF and all the others involved for making this happen!!

In brief: a DJ set @ "Baltā nakts"

I'll be playing an Ableton Live set at Dirty Deal cafe in the frame of "Baltā nakts" (Nuit blanche) in Riga. That will be tomorrow, Saturday 30/08. Expect quite diverse music: from minimal to disco to electro.

I'm also eager to see performances by Jan Jelinek and Pole nearby at Space Textures event.

Don't sleep!

Cologne breaths pop

I had a great time in Cologne during C/O Pop festival. Lots of gigs, movies and presentations. It seemed that all venues and clubs were taking part in this event in one or another way, so it was imposible to see everything. However, I liked the idea that it was rather a network of parties than a one-spot festival with different stages. So, one can freely stroll around the city and check different clubs.

On my arrival I saw a live performance by Crytal Castles. Perhaps, it was due to the poor soundsystem or the crowd of young hipsters why I didn’t find it interesting enough. Afterwords we checked out Berlin Calling party with Bpitch artists which was pretty good.

The next day there was a Silent Movie Night where Vladislav Delay played a specially composed soundtrack for A.Kaurismaki’s movie “I Hired A Contract Killer”. His music was OK, but nothing too surprising — the usual deep vibes with clicky rhythmic structures. However, the performance by Adolf Noise — DJ Koze’s alias for more experimental listening music — was outstanding and highly entertaining. Basically, everything was built on looped samples, playing and additionaly sampling some live instruments (flutes, xilaphone, trumpet etc.) and voices. All that was tweaked and FX’ed. The performace contained also quite many lengthy spoken samples in German, apparently very funny judging by people’s response. Ah yeah, it was a headphone party — no headphones, no sound.

The next thing was definetely the highlight of the festival — Kompakt Total 9 party. Actually it turned out to be one of the best parties I’ve ever been. First, Expo XXI sounded quite dry as a name of venue, and I was expecting one of those impersonal huge expo centres which all look the same. Fortunately, I was wrong — it was a reconstructed middle-sized building with brick walls and curving archs, supplied with two dancefloors. It was spacious enough, but still cosy, also because of very tasteful and elegant lights and video projections all over the walls. Furthermore, both rooms had exceptionally good soundsystems which is so important to enjoy music properly.

When we entered, on the big stage Supermayer was starting its show. No minimal at all. Groovy electro beats, tight basslines, kitschy videos, some funny samples and interludes. Superpitcher even sang a bit. Then Ewan Pearson continued as a DJ. (By the way, I did an interview with him which will be published in Veto magazine. I will post a part of it in this blog as well, so stay tuned.) His set was quite techno, not the hardest one though. Meanwhile, we checked the small room which was more about kicking techno. Quite simple, but pleasently tight and effective. Again, the soundsystem was brilliant. I’m not sure who played at that point — could be Navid Tahernia or Reinherd Voight — but it was all groovy and having a nice drive.

Back to the main hall. After Ewan, Aril Brikha commenced his live set. At first, after having exposed ourselves to proper techno beats, Aril’s music seemed too uplifting and melodic, kind of epic. As we started to dance, the mood changed quickly. The purple and blue lights plus his music set a good vibe. Aril’s epic journey was continued by DJ Koze’s set. Quite different style again — more minimal yet outstanding and weird tracks. Maybe his style is no style, in fact. One of the funniest tracks was his own remix of Matias Aguayo’s Minimal. Actually Aguayo was playing in afterparty. Without stimulating substances we were just a bit short of energy to continue there, despite it was quite tempting. Anyway, it was totally enough.

The next night started with a chilly concert by Jose Gonzalez. It was on a boat. There was water all around and quite small audience, which made this experience even more unique and intimate. Enjoying some sekt, his marvellous singing and the night covered Rhein. I must admit that I prefered Teardrop instead of Heartbeats.

During the same night we managed to visit Treibstoff party and MBF/Traum/Trapez party. Both venues were really underground and crowded, and somehow we didn’t manage to stay long. On the way home, we checked a small club where Larry Heard DJ’ed. A true legend of house music, as we all know. However, it was a bit strange that grandfather of house music was DJ-ing on CDs. Well, OK, it was still nice house groove on a sweaty dancefloor.

The last day, Sunday, I was chilling in a park before my leaving. It was quite strange feeling realising that Sven Vath and Ricardo Villalobos are rocking nearby.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Inhale mix (radio mix)

Below is a link to the mix I played on Bloë Baaschtert radioshow, which is hosted by two nice chaps Unki and Claude. The mix features some new stuff that I find interesting as well as some other bit more classic tracks. In fact I've realised that on the tracklist there are many artists whose music I mix quite often, so you can say it's kind of my typical mix. For instance, in almost all my recents mixes you'd find Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts and Brendon Moeller. Also, the omnipresent Villalobos is here, and other frequent names like Tigerskin/Dub Taylor, Tolga Fidan from the Vakant camp, Rekids, Lee Jones from My My, liebe*detail and Mothership appear. Well, have a listen, I hope you'll enjoy this moody and groovy voyage.

Heincha - Inhale mix

1. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Mederico [Oslo]
2. Ricardo Villalobos - Minimoonstar [Perlon]
3. Masomenos - Aftermama's [Welcome To Masomenos]
4. Brendon Moeller - Electricity [Leena]
5. Claude VonStroke - Scarlet Macaw [Mothership]
6. Tigerskin - Darkcold (Sweet N Candy remix) [Morris Audio]
7. Tolga Fidan - Us And Them [Cocoon]
8. Dapayk & Padberg - Pantomime Horse (Dapayk remix) [Mo's Ferry Prod.]
9. Audiofly & Paul Harris - Miscalate (Partial Arts remake) [Rekids]
10. 3 Channels - It's Getting Kinda Hectic (Shane Berry remix) [Trapez]
11. Maetrik - Stab Jockey [Mothership]
12. Stimming - The Anger [liebe*detail]
13. Lee Jones - Aria [Aus Music]

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mixing at Bloë Baaschtert radioshow

Hello funky people! Just a quick notice: I'm kindly invited to do a mix at Bloë Baaschtert radioshow this Monday, August 4, 18.30-20.00. The show is about Luxembourg-based musicians, bands and DJs. Expect moody tech-house/minimal tunes. Those who live in Luxembourg can tune in to radio Ara (103,3 & 105,2 FM), otherwise you can listen to live stream from Ara's website. Anyways, I'll try to record the mix and post it here afterwards.