Sunday, November 25, 2007

Made in Japan

Japanese Night at Exit07 brought lots of fun... and good music. DJ Krush, Tatata Moto and Quarta330 rocked the place.

Actually, to be honest, DJ Krush - probably the best (the most popular for sure) Japanese hip-hop/trip-hop DJ and producer - wasn't that great as I expected. He was OK, very technical and so on, but the music and beats he played lacked something to grab my attention, well, it was neither groovy nor anything surprising. In fact, I enjoyed much more music of the two others guys, whom I didn't know beforehands.

Tatata Moto was playing from his laptop and singing on top, his music and performance were pure fun and very positive. Though he was quite wasted when he had to do the 2nd set, but somehow his raving was cool anyway.

However, I enjoyed Quarta303 even more. His style is a unique combination of electronic dubstep and similiar heavy bass rhythms and melodic Gameboy bleeps. He is also known for doing a remix for Kode9. Check out his music!


Finally here comes another mix of mine, which explores the domain of jazziness, funkiness, grooviness and swinginess in electronic dance music. Who said that computers, robots and machines can't be funky after all?

Heincha > Funkya mix

1. Nôze - Gaïa 2 [Circus Company]
2. Rip Off Artist - Bear Down [Vertical Form]
3. Mossa - Caraconara [Milnor Modern]
4. Robag Whrume - Ikke's Schlonze [Musik Krause]
5. Mathias Kaden - Obeah [Vakant]
6. DOP - Allo Boom Boom [Circus Company]
7. Martin Eyerer & Toni Rios - Chorizo [Kickboxer]
8. Petre Inspirescu - Racakadoom [Cadenza]
9. Ortega & Stavöstrand - Mandrake [Rrygular]
10. Smith N Hack - For Disco Play Only [Smith N Hack]
11. Egg - Fearless Funny Female [Floppy Funk]
12. Rip Off Artist - Double Diamond [Vertical Form]
13. John Tejada & Arian Leviste - Ramps And Rails [Playhouse]
14. Max Brannslokker - Utopia (Dave Aju's remix) [De'fchild]
15. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Riot In Lagos [Island]
16. Smith N Hack - To Our Disco Friends [Smith N Hack]
17. Safety Scissors - Pigs On Funk [Onitor]
18. My My - Invitation Only [Circus Company]
19. Tina 303 & DefBringa - Tons Of Love Reloaded [Müller]
20. Mathew Jonson - Automatic [Wagon Repair]
21. Tonetraeger - Tink Tank [Spinner Ace]
22. -=UHU=- - Kozmik Funk
23. Dub Kult - Cluster Fuck (Touane remix) [Métisse]
24. Mikael Stavöstrand - Freakin Beatses [Sushitech]
25. Egoexpress - Aranda (Lawrence remix) [Ladomat 2000]
26. Pier Bucci - Glasgow [Crosstown Rebels]

Friday, November 23, 2007

Latvian electronica mix

Hello, I'm back again, back on-line, so let's get down to the blogging business.

Meanwhile, I've done a couple of mixes that I would like to share. First one is kind of special, because contains music which is made by producers from Latvia (or at least related in some way), and unlike my usual sets this one contains more listening music, e.g. ambient, IDM, click-hop etc. I couldn't squeeze all the good music in an hour, but anyway it is my attempt to give an overview of Latvian electronica. This mix was specially recorded and played at Jaffa Magazine's presentation party at LX5 culture centre in Luxemburg.

You can get this mix either from Zshare or from LX5's website.


1. A.Yegunov, Trilobitum Coitus & Z.Uallik – Moloma

Taken from Orbita 4 CD - a project reflecting collaboration of Russian speaking poets from Latvia and musicians, also mainly from Latvia.

2. Selffish – Epilogue

This track is available oh his website.

3. Astrowind – Shine on

Taken from their "The Night The Stars Flew" EP on Russian netlabel

4. Gas Of Latvia – Evol

Taken from the CD album "Sex" (Sturm/Melo Records).

5. Hardijs Ledins – Cristus

Taken from "Lambs In City Landscape" (Seque Records).

6. Musiclike – Guruandom

7. Kriipis Tulo – Hommikunen ujuja

Taken from the "Ujuja" album on Lithuanian netlabel Sutemos.

8. Alexandroid feat. Kristi Aivare – Energy (Zagga's rmx)

Taken from the "Energy remixes" EP.

9. NSRD & I.Akuratere – Aizver acis

Taken from "Ieva Akuratere un NSRD" album on Seque Records.

10. Wheelchair Discotheque – All evil men wear the same kind of pants

Taken from "Straight Avanger & Silly Norman vs. Dinsdale" EP on Dirty Deal netlabel.

11. DJ Brain – Demo 3

12. Cliché – We didn't listen

Taken from "Galaktiskās skumjas" album on Dirty Deal netlabel.

13. Choop & S.Timofeyev – Leaves, wrappers

Taken from Orbita 4 CD.

14. Alexandroid feat. Kristi Aivare – My lovemixdown

Taken from "False Starts" album on Lo Recordings from UK.

15. Gas Of Latvia – Inout

Taken from the CD album "Sex" (Sturm/Melo Records).

16. OID - Rosa

Taken from the CD album "Systems Of Mercy" on the Russian labelLagunamuch Community.

17. Speyer – Seven miracles

Taken from "Quiet" EP on Dirty Deal netlabel.

18. M.Strautnieks – Neritmija

This was written for the project "Stum Stum Offshore Zone".

19. Martinez Gonzalez – Grainy rain again

An unreleased track.

20. Monocle - @smile

Taken from the compilation "Sea...Sun...Kolka!" compilation - a sampler by Kolka Records.