Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moments in love mix

Recently I have put together a new mix which has been kindly published by ind-ex. Although it contains quite different tracks, there are certain seductive and irrational qualities in them, hence the name. It features a few tracks by Seth Troxler - one of recent discoveries - as well as my all time favorites Guillaume & Coutu Dumonts, My My, DOP and others (see the tracklist below). It all has been spiced up with some classic Chicago house samples/loops and delays. Have a lovely trip!


1. 2562 - Embrace (+ misc. samples)
2. Portable - The Shallow Final
3. Sis - Orgsa
4. Bruno Pronsato - Aria
5. Seth Troxler & Shaun Reeves - Mru Talkin (+ sample from Kevin Saunderson - Bounce Your Body To The Beat)
6. Sten - Take Me To The Fridge
7. Dilo - The Kittycat Track (Tolga Fidan's San Pedro remix)
8. Reboot - Vandong
9. Markus Fix - Panacota
10. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - They Only Come Out At Night
11. Shackleton feat. Jackson Del Rey - Next To Nothing (Excersise One remix)
12. Scuba - Hard Boiled (SCB remix)
13. Donnacha Costello - Trust
14. Osborne - Evenmore (+ sample from Chicago Bad Boy - House Music All Night Long)
15. My My - Everybody's Talkin'
16. DOP - Ikarus
17. Seth Troxler & Patrick Russel - Doctor Of Romance (+ sample from Sound Stream - Live Goes On)
18. Seth Troxler - Love Never Sleeps
19. Touane - Chamber

netcords003 is out

After some period of silence (due to technical and personal reasons), the netlabel netcords is back with a release from Latvian electronic music and counterculture activist Z99. The EP is based on his track "Juusu gruuvs" (which means "Your groove" in Latvian) - a deep, immersive and rather non-standard piece of techno - plus remixes from LXC (Germany), Casual Violence (Germany), Veste (Luxembourg) and Esse (Lithuanian).

The artists are quite different, so are the remixes. LXC offers a kind of dub meets drum & bass interpration. Casual Violence goes more into dark and atmospheric experimental techno direction with some references to electronic industrial music. Veste offers an edit in the best minimal analogue deep techno traditions, whereas Esse's remix is a moody deephouse cut. However, the best way is to hear them yourself, so feel free to download this EP from the netcords site. Enjoy and groove along!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The new minimal vs. the old one

Tonight DBX aka Daniel Bell - one of the originators of bleepy, loopy minimal techno - and Bruno Pronsato - one of the best nu skool mnml producers - rock at Fuse. We´ll see how it´s gonna work.


I didn't see much of Pronsato, because he started just shortly before 5 a.m. when I already didn't have much energy and patience left, but from what I saw I enjoyed Daniel Bell more - he had a very solid deep and Detroit techno set, spicing that up with some classic acid house tracks. By the way, Bell also played the seminal Zadak's track Zahara (greets to our pals from Berlin's White label!). Pronsato, at least the beginning of his live set, didn't impress me as much as I was expecting though. Said this, I would like to add that it was by no means bad and his records are still great.

Rest in peace, brother!

People are mortal, we all know that. But when somebody, whom you know, dies young and all of sudden, we resist to accept that, it seems to be so wrong and unfair.

Sasha Matrosov was a very talanted electronic music artist and a good guy. Besides his solo productions (as Spayer, for instance), he was a half of the famous Alexandroid duo - this project was very well known in Russia, but has also been released on the German K2 O Records and the British Lo Recordings. Their creations usually has an IDM tag, but in fact it's a boundaries-free, melodic yet experimental electronic music per se with various obvious influences from electro to synth-pop to industrial to classic ambient to pop music etc., it's all there. I still remember how in the mid 90s I bought 2 tapes of their previous project God's Delusion in the "Desants" shop... Well, nostalgic memories. Then a few later albums got released on some Russian labels, and probably the project's best album "False Starts" on Lo Recordings. Very personal, melodic and melancholic electro/ambient/IDM with certain pop sesibility.

This great music will never pass away and will outlive all of us. Thank you Sasha!

The track below is from Alexandroid´s album Sinoptic which was released back in 2001 on Russian label Ar-Tek.

Alexandroid - Cats

And this one is my dedication to Sasha (I hope the author wouldn´t mind) - just a beautiful song. Rest in peace, brother!

Mind Over Midi - Into The White Light

Hauschka vs. Kubin

Recently there were quite many good performances at our local Exit venue. Hauschka and Felix Kubin were one of the best. Oddly enough, they have performed in Riga some time ago (there was even a rather wild afterparty at my apartment with Kubin) and both remembered the gigs there and wished to visit the city once again some day. Nice guys, great artists.