Sunday, March 26, 2006

Alco not welco

I was planning to write about some albums released in last months, sort of short reviews, but, fuck it, today I've got a terrible hangover, too much of wine consumed yesterday. My head is heavier than the Earth-globe. So, I'm afraid I am not able to write anything long and serious at the moment, hopefully reviews will come later. But for now some russian hiphop action!

Actually this one is made by Exile guys (see their kickin' zine), they are americans not russians.

Exile - Chechenz

However, Krovostok is a pure russian project, it's so hardcore, but still funny (the knowledge of russian would help appreciate this one). I wonder what these guys consume...

Krovostok 1
Krovostok 2

The last thing is not hiphop at all, I even dunno how to call it, and it's not Rusian. In fact this band has got a cult status in LV. I hope that some day they will win the European song contest - Eurovision - the guys deserve it, and Eurovision deserves meeting them as well. Cheers!

Svešie - Es negribu būt tava ēna

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