Thursday, April 10, 2008

In brief: Till Von Sein, Bees & Berlin

Hello folks! Hope you're allright. I'm fine, thanks!

It's been some time since last writing here (as always :)). Meanwhile I've been in Riga again, where had a chance to spin at Space:Garage along with Till Von Sein and the local resident jocks. That was a hell good party, the atmosphere was vibrant and uplifting, Till's music - deep and driving. It's rare to see a proper Berlin's DJ using CDs instead of the "black beauty" or its digital sister, that is FinalScratch/Serato. Nevertheless, who cares about the medium if mixing skills are so excellent as Till's got. But as they say - it's better to hear once rather than read about that a million times, so here and here you can listen to his mix that night at the Garage (thanks NoRest for recording and hosting it!). Enjoy!


During last month or so, I've bought a considerable amount of new records, and now hardly waiting to test them on a dancefloor. Regarding records, I'll draw up a new chart soon.


Last week-end, when I was shopping at Dr.Vinyl record store in Brussels, I was pleasently surprised finding Holger Zilske's From Birds And Bees in the pile of records, which was kindly selected by a guy that works there. Both tracks are great, I'm telling you, but its artwork was the particular reason of my delight, because it is designed by Dmitri - a friend of mine who is running the Space:Garage club in Riga. So, it was almost like meeting him in persona.


I'm heading to Berlin, where I will take part (behind the decks) in the Riga Night. Other DJ's from Riga are ZeDmitri (yes, that's the same guy) and Ivars Mednis. The event will be animated by our own VJ Linards Kulless, and we also expect a bunch of supporters from Riga. More or less, all these people could be associated with Space:garage/FuckForFriendship concepts, and will do our best to represent Riga and Andrejsala. The flyer and more detailed information will follow soon.

Stay tuned in!

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