Sunday, April 20, 2008

La musique noire : Dark star mix

Traditionally darkness is associated with evil, perilousness and other negative and depressing things - and don't ask me why, because there is no direct reason why dark should equal negative. On the contrary, dark could be beautiful, true and deep, it can be mystic and tempting. Thus dark colours are elegant, for instance, and techno music is sombre in general. And there's nothing wrong with that.

I've completed a new mix, which was my reflection on several aspects of the current state of (minimal) techno. As you can see from the intro above, it contains the element of darkness, although just to certain extent. There are some tracks representing the trend of dubstep influenced techno - massive bass, sharp percussions, echoes, sci-fi themes... No wonder that this sound comes mostly from british producers/labels. One of the best examples is Emptyset who hails from Bristol and is involved in the dubstep scene too. However, even more accesible producers like Matt Edwards aka Radio Slave have some of such elements.

Then Leftroom's funky, bleepy and phrenetic tracks are present in the mix, as well as some darkish tunes with italo disco references from the Careless camp, and my usual companions - melodic and percussive abstractness a la Cadenza and some deeeper shades of house and techo music.

As always, the mix is accessible via Zshare for a limited period of time:

DJ Heyncha : Dark Star mix

The tracklist:

1. Jesse Rose alongside Henrik Schwarz - Stop, Look & Listen (Henrik's Version) [Front Room]
2. Alejandro Vivanco - Madre Tierra (Digital Downmix) [Cadenza]
3. Martin Zadak - Zahara [White]
4. Marc Ashken - Sock Puppet [Leftroom]
5. Matt O'Brien - Serotone (Radio Slave remix) [Rekids]
6. Minilogue - Ghost [Mule]
7. The Man Who Can - Copy And Paste [Leftroom]
8. Emptyset - Seclusion [Future Days]
9. Jahcoozi - Ali McBills (Robert Johnson 6am X Ray Italo Rework) [Careless]
10. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonds - Can't Cheat With Concrete [Musique Risquée]
11. Gui.tar - Push In The Bush [Careless]
12. Dusty Kid - Luna [Bpitch Control]
13. Emptyset - Achupase [Future Days]
14. Claro Intelecto - Nodrex [Modern Love]
15. Jackmate - Buccaneer [Phil e]

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