Friday, April 18, 2008

white is white

The story goes like this. Some time ago Till von Sein had a great set at Space:Garage (as I've already mentioned that in one of my previous posts). One of the tracks he played was Zahara by Martin Zadak - it's the 2nd release on Berlin's label White. Actually I indentified it later when going through new releases on A nice track, I thought, however I didn't realised that it's a name of an actual label, because I took it for an anonimous white label - one of those releases with a white apple and without proper information, you know.

At the same time Ivonna Neikšāne - one of our connections in Berlin - was organising two exchange parties in Riga and Berlin. While Riga is represented by FFF associates, on Berlin's side there are ZUR Moebelfabrik and White. Just when I saw who would actually play in Riga, I realised that that's the same White label which has released Zadak's track. Good surprise.

So, the bottom line is that this Friday (that's tonight) there will be a showcase of the new and promising White label at Space:Garage, and I strongly recommend seeing them.

The line-up:

LIVE: Oskar Offermann (White)
Dj’s: Tristen (White)
Kotelett (White)
Jackie Treehorn (ZMF)
Visuals: Pixelfestival (ZMF)

After a week - Friday April 25 - Riga will strike back in Berlin.

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