Thursday, April 10, 2008

Labels: Leftroom & Careless

Recently these two labels have been of my particular interest.

Leftroom imprint comes from Nottingham, UK. Its sound is a sort of bleepy, funky and raw minimalism with a feel that I call "analogue" - imagine Minus gone funkier. Even if not all of their records I would play as a DJ, Leftroom's style is truly original and interesting therefore. It's releasing music from such artists as Marc Ashken, Matt Tolfrey (who's the owner of the label), [a]ppendics.shuffle, Alexi Delano & Xpansul among others.

The Berlin based Careless is another discovery for me. It goes for quite melodic, uplifting and neatly produced melange of minimal, house music and italo, a kind of Ibiza sound in a good way. Its most known project should be Gui.tar. Another highlight is the remixes for the grime/glitch-hop queen Jahcoozi, from which the dubby Ata's & Sasse's version stands out.

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