Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back on trax

Hey ho!

I haven't exposed here anything for a long time due to various reasons, but now it's time for some posting action again. First of all, I was quite offline and quite off-music too, meaning that not checking all the new shit coming out. However, life without music would be hardly bearable, so naturally there were some special records for me during these last couple of months - some new, some older, but (re)discovered just lately. Let's have a look.

> D'Ntel - The Dream of Ewan and Chan (Superpitcher remix) [Plug Research]

I just love this track, it's sweet, lovely and kind of sexy. Last week I came back from Berlin, which is actually another reason why this track seems particular for me - it's taken from the documentary film "Feiern" that depicts Berlin wasted youth and techno culture.

> Gus Gus - Moss [Pineapple]

Another sexy beast that is definetely worth tobe mentioned here. The original version is the best though.

> Insect & Matschiste - Da Ist Noch Sand [Etui]

Bought this one (Dschoanna ep) in Berlin. The artists are unfimiliar to me, but music is cool - electronic and deep house.

> Martin Eyerer & Toni Rios - Chorizo [Kickboxer]

The End of it all meets Automatic, that's it. Rough and swingy.

> Antilope & Tigerskin - Just In Case [Kompass]

The new Kompass offers some qualities that for me are essential in so called minimal techno - nice and crisp production, yet being energetic and dancefloor-friendly.

> Heartthrob - Baby Kate (Konrad Black remix) [M_nus]

Lately I've been really enjoying Konrad Black's world of dark and twisted melodies. This remix for Heartthrob is no exception. Sounds a bit like My My's Serpentine, doesn't it?

> Paul Kalkbrenner - Gia 2000 (Modeselektor remix) [Bpitch Control]
This isn't a new track, but I've discovered it just recently and couldn't share. Perfect piece of dub-techno.

> Guy Gerber - Belly Dancing [Cocoon?]
Deep, hypnotic and dreamy melodies, rattling drums, pulsating bass synth are sort of trademark of Guy Gerber lately, so no big surprises, nevertheless the track is full of beauty.

> Sid LeRock - Naked (DJ Koze remix) (Cereal Killers)
This track is also from 2006, but has made its way to my box few weeks ago. Koze is innovatively wierd as usual.

> BRNSLKR~ - K (Globox)
Last but not least comes from Latvian producer Max Brannslokker, which, in my view, is his best release so far. Check also his new release on i220 Records.

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