Thursday, April 26, 2007

Riga @ Pudel

Hello! I'm happy to announce that me and my friends from Riga will play at the Golden Pudel Club - probably the best and trashiest venue in Hamburg!

RigaGig will be on Friday, 27.04.2007.

The line-up:

DJ Käpten le Spoink (mfoc/pudel, Hamburg)

Live + DJ: OID aka Android (Riga/Moscow)

DJ ZeDmitri aka Zagga (, space:garage, Riga)

DJ Hencha aka NeOn B. (,, Riga/Luxembourg)

The atmosphere should be friendly there, taking account the size of the venue and that we (DJs) are good friends, after all. We will fire out the best records, should be fun. St.Pauli, get ready for the Riga invasion! :)

Briefly about the participants:

Käpten le Spoink is Ralf - a musical director of the Pudel club and record label, as well as one of the guys. Known for his brilliant music selection. Plus, he has DJed in Riga.

OID is a half of Alexandroid project (Lo Recordings, Lagunamuch). He is creating nice electronic music ranging from ambient to IDM to techno. Also participating in SCSI10 project.

ZeDmitri is a residentDJ in Pulkvedis, the most rocking place in Riga, and currently working on his own venue - Space:Garage. He has done some really good remixes and his own tracks.

Hencha - well, it's me :)

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