Friday, April 20, 2007

Supersound coming to the town

+++ Smalltown Supersound night at Exit07, Luxembourg, April 21 (that's tomorrow).

Line-up: Mental Overdrive (live), Kim Hiorthøy (live), Bjorn Torske (DJ), Joakim Haugland (DJ).

Smalltown Supersound is an independent label from Norway which apart from having one of the most original names around is also releasing interesting artists, including such stars as Jaga Jazzist, The Whitest Boy Alive, Lindstrom to mention few. They represent a mixture of different music styles - from electronica to jazz to disco to avant-garde - what really matters is originality.

Kim Hiorthøy is known for melodic, yet abstract electronic music. Watch the beautiful video for Alt Måste Bli Anorlunda:

Whereas Mental Overdrive, as far I know, is more into funny electronic disco, electro, acidfunk (that kind of disco that is more welcome by IDM labels than standard dance music labels). In a way Mental Overdrive sounds to me like other Norwegian project - Ost&Kjex. Check the video of Diskodans, which is based on the classic Finnish disco tutorial :)

Finally, Bjorn Torske is a king of heavy-wheight dubhouse tracks, but Mr. Haugland is a founder of the label.

This event is a part of label nights series in the frame of The European capital of culture 2007. The following one will be a showcase by the awesome French Diamonds Traxx label, which is responsible for the seminal Dirty Diamonds compilations. The edit master Pilooski is going to perform there (just have a listen at his myspace), so not to be missed.

Two previous label nights were dedicated to Warp Records and Morr Music. I missed the first one, but the Morr Music night was excellent, full of beautiful music and intimate, friendly atmosphere.

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neon b. said...

Oh, it was fantastic night! All the acts were brilliant, but I've got particularly fascinated by what Hiorthoy did.