Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm off to Riga for a week or so. That means: intensive partying, drinking, smoking, and DJ-ing.

My DJ-ing dates are as follows:

Fri, 16 : Peahen Workshop @ Andrejsala. Also featuring: the "Sriķis" band, DJ Augusts Zarins, DJ Galka Kulio, Virsnieku Balle etc.

Sat, 17 : Pulkvedis. Together with ZeDmitry, from smooth minimal to sexually charged electro.

Tue, 20 : (possibly) at Maharajah's b-day party @ Andrejsala.

Fri, 23 : (not confirmed yet) Pulkvedis, hosted by ZeDmitry.

Sat, 25 : FuckForFriendship room in the Art Academy Carnival. Some dirty elektrodisko aktion together with: ZeDmitry, Alise G., Kone, Android etc. Dress yourself up!

See ya there!

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