Monday, July 07, 2008

miximal 4 minipower

Now it's time for some miximal.

I've put together a mix for the Minipower installation, which can be downloaded from their site. The mood is quite deep and trippy yet groovy, hence its codename "No Gravity Jack Mix". Don't ask me why listening to this kind of stuff I imagine some interstellar sci-fi shit, could be a bad influence of Polish comic books in my childhood or just my spoiled imagination. Whatsoever, groove along.

The tracklist

Heincha : No Gravity Jack Mix (Minipower 027)

1. Vladislav Delay - Recovery IDea (Andy Stott remix)
2. - One Is Not Enough
3. Brendon Moeller - One Man's Junk
4. Sety - Mogane
5. Marcel Dettmann - Quicksand
6. Szenario - Demeaner VcAll
7. Hugo - The Siren
8. Lauhaus - Downunder + Marc Houle - Techno Vocals acapella
9. Radio Slave - Tantakatan
10. Jens Zimmermann - Rocket
11. Benno Blome - Eramina
12. Brendon Moeller - Changes
13. Pitto - Aphex

groovily yours,

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