Monday, July 07, 2008

In brief: summer breeze

Hey folks! It might be the right time to interrupt the silence which has been lasting over here for some span. On the other hand, there's no many things to tell, apart from: don't be a geek - get out, breath some fresh air and enjoy the sun, visit some open-air festival, the summer is here!

So, in general I am at ease now: less DJ-ing, spending less time on smoky dancefloors or dusted vinyl shops. Said this, I must add that my life without music would be hardly imaginable, just the mood has got slightly different. Typically, the summer is a time for big, sometimes fluffy anthems, those have-fun-not-gloom-under-the-summer-sun hits appear everywhere. Hate it or take it. Or you can choose indulge yourself into the deep and dopey world of dubtechno. Or something else, everything goes.

Speaking about hits, our friends from Berlin's White label have succeeded to hit the right button with their 002 release - Martin Zadak's track Zahara to be more precise. I've seen even Juan Atkins playing this record at Luxembourg Philharmonie, who is a creator of techno as we know it. Not bad at all!

The last remark. As some of you may already know, our favorite venue Space:Garage has been closed down (thanks to the authorities, suckers!), so indeed less spinning and clubbing. This club has already become a legend and it served as a fertile soil for reviving the local 4/4 music scene. The guys (Fuck For Friendship crew) who were in charge of this club promise to keep doing some parties after having a summer break. We'll see, but it's clear that there's a need to fill the gap since the only Riga's club specialising in contemporary house and techno music does not exist any more. Anyway, my gratitude who made it happen - I'm not sure about the sexual implications, but for sure it was a damn groovy fun and I think this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Watch out for the follow-up (I can already tell you that the Garage's crew and the resident artists will be widely present at Riga Night in Brussels this September, more info will follow soon).


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