Tuesday, July 29, 2008

24 h electroniques + C/POP Cologne

Hey folks!

A couple of weeks ago I've been to an event called 24 heures electroniques, few words about it.

Indeed, it lasted 24 hours non-stop: during the daytime there were some rather useful and interesting workshops concerning producing, DJ-ing, circuit bending and related topics. When the night started, a party in 4 halls kicked off.

I must say that with few exceptions all the big names represented nu rave and electro camp. Sometimes I wonder why this style is so popular in French speaking countries... Fortunately, not everything was so bad. For instance, there was a nice DJ set by Cassius decorated with samples and effects, Alex Gopher played some no-nonsense electronic house tunes, and even the live show by Digitalism positively surprised me (it's better than their records). However, the best electro live band was Shameboy from Belgium - never had heard them before, but their music was definetely better that usual avarage electro-rock stuff. Check their myspace.

It was already morning when for a pleasant change Apparat dropped some tough beats and bittersweet melodies in one of the halls, and one of the Tiefschwarz guys took over the turntables in another room to play something closer to my taste in dance music, e.g. German kind of house/techno. A happy end.


For the first time I'm going to C/POP in the mid of August, which ir likely the best electronic music fair and festival in Cologne. In the frame of its clubnight, all the appropriate venues will host an impressive array of local and international artists, including such names as R.Villalobos, DJ Koze, Larry Heard, E.Pearson, R.Voigt, G.Ananda and many many more, see the full list yourself. It means not just great music but also a hard choice. The last but not least, the almighty Kompakt will hold their annual Kompakt Total party there. I'm hardly waiting.

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