Saturday, December 01, 2007

fReAk p0p aTTaXX!

This year is almost over, which means that the year of Luxemburg being the European Culture capital have come to its end as well. That's quite sad, because during this year there were so many good gigs with great artists, exhibitions and other culture events in the venues like Exit07, LX5, the Rotondes etc. Now it's going to be over, and – what a shame – the government is likely going to close down these much needed venues…

Exit07 café was definitely one of the best spots for good music lovers — small enough to be cosy and intimate, but big enough to host concerts. The selection of bands and artists, who performed there, was excellent — the Warp night with Plaid and Clark (ok, that was at the bigger Rotonde, but that's almost the same thing), then the Morr Music night with Tarwater, Ms John Soda and Contriva, The Smalltown Supersound night with Bjorn Tørske, Joakim Hauglund and Kim Hiorthøy, also Mouse On Mars, Apparat, Akufen, Joakim, Pilooski, Fujiya & Miyagi, Adem, Konono No.1, DJ Krush, Quarta330 and other great men (and women) were on Exit's stage. Furthermore, I used to be a resident DJ there, so it's even more personal in a way…

But OK, no time for sorrow, let's party while we can! Tonight there will be the closing party of Exit07 featuring three great datapop acts: Toy, Schneider TM and Felix Kubin. I'd never heard Toy before, but I just found out that their music is pretty funny and interesting, and even the fact of being released by Telle Records and Smalltown Supersound speaks for itself. Regarding Schneider TM, I like his electronic pop records, but I've never had a chance to see him live, wheras I've seen Kubin in Riga – that was a fantastic party, he surely knows how to rock and freak out, though in an elegant, artsy way. See him playing live and one of his surrealistic films/videos below.

The party week-end continues on Saturday, which is the official closing date for the Culture capital year. Amon Tobin is playing in the Rotonde, but I'm more interested in Electricity festival at Rockhal. The line-up seems to be quite mixed, but there's something that might be my cup of tea, e.g., T.Raumschmiere, Theo Parrish, Prosumer, Hell, Etienne de Crecy. I just hope that I will still have energy to go there after tonight.

Have a groovy week-end!

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