Sunday, November 25, 2007

Made in Japan

Japanese Night at Exit07 brought lots of fun... and good music. DJ Krush, Tatata Moto and Quarta330 rocked the place.

Actually, to be honest, DJ Krush - probably the best (the most popular for sure) Japanese hip-hop/trip-hop DJ and producer - wasn't that great as I expected. He was OK, very technical and so on, but the music and beats he played lacked something to grab my attention, well, it was neither groovy nor anything surprising. In fact, I enjoyed much more music of the two others guys, whom I didn't know beforehands.

Tatata Moto was playing from his laptop and singing on top, his music and performance were pure fun and very positive. Though he was quite wasted when he had to do the 2nd set, but somehow his raving was cool anyway.

However, I enjoyed Quarta303 even more. His style is a unique combination of electronic dubstep and similiar heavy bass rhythms and melodic Gameboy bleeps. He is also known for doing a remix for Kode9. Check out his music!

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