Thursday, December 20, 2007

Charteristics: my favourite tunes (October-December)

Time is running so fast, it's already the end of the year! Still some things to be done, but tomorrow I'm going home… which means that I will check some parties there too, for example, the one where P.Toile performs on December 21 at Space:Garage.

Before looking back at the best tracks this year, now I will make a round-up of the tunes that I've been playing last months or that I've found just interesting.

> Matt John – Olga Dancekowski [Bar25]

It's simple, yet having a great hook – the repetitive synth loop and a groovy bassline, which goes on and on and doesn't get boring. The track's name is original, too, isn't it?

> Jaxson – Cookie Crawler [38db-Tonsportgruppe]

Jaxson has taken a bit different path than in his recent hit Smokemachine. This time the most interesting track is Cookie Crawler, which is not even a proper minimal track, more acid with a nice but funny vocal. In a way it reminds me of DJ Koze – that kind of fun and weirdness, you know.

> Efdemin – Acid Bells (Matt O'Brian remix) [Métisse]

These bells and beats are to be fired out in a peak-hour, it's a functional track in a good meaning. A great remix indeed.

> Teflon – The Wombat [Rebelone]

Guy Gerber makes it tough. Pulsating bass and punching beat put the pressure on. But still the track has some melodic elements.

> Luciano – Nunca Tiene Bastante [Cadenza]

It's not easy to choose the best track from Luciano's 2x12" release named Etudes Electronique, but at least listening at home the above mentioned track seemed to be the most DJ friendly. The smooth bassline and the springy beat makes one dance along, whereas the echoed voice samples add some more space to it. However, be sure to check the other tracks too, which push the boundaries of electronic dance music and rhythmic structures.

> Martin Buttrich – Hunted [Cocoon]

He did it again – another great twelve inch. Nothing too extraordinary, just a proper energetic and melodic tech-house action.

> Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Sous L'Arbre [Circus Company]

I've discovered this guy thanks to his last Petits Djinns EP on the great Circus Company imprint from France. He is a master of innovative deep and jazzy house adding some production qualities of micro-house and minimal, which results in a truly original sound. Sous L'Arbre (Under A Tree) is the most DJ-friendly track from this EP.

> Petre Inspirescu – Racakadoom [Cadenza]

This is taken from another great 2x12" on Cadenza, which is one of the best labels this year. The only thing I know about Petre Inspirescu is that he's a new talented producer from Romania, and this release affirms that. Racakadoom is the funkiest thing on it, other tracks are more abstract.

> Anthony Collins – Cannibale (Tom Clark & Daniel Dreier remix) [Highgrade]

The original is OK, but remix is even better. It's melodic yet dynamic and groovy.

> Inaqui Marin – My Little Box [Regular]

I don't know much about this guy, apart from that this is a Spanish producer on a Spanish label. But the music is what matters after all — the track takes off slowly, gradually turning into irresistible whirlpool of chords and beats, which make me think of such producers as Xpansul and Alexi Delano.

Other goodies:

Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance [Rekids], Sebastien Leger – Moon [Mistakes], Kabale Und Liebe & Daniel Sanchez – Mumbling Yeah [Arearemote], Ricardo Villalobos – Sei Es Drum LP [Sei Es Drum], Alex Under – Gris [CMYK], Format: B – Split Pot EP [Opossum]

Some of these tracks are included in my mix for Minipower. It should be published soon on their website, it's the mix number 20.

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