Tuesday, January 15, 2008

entering the 08

Hello! Christmas holidays are over, a new year has started its way, and I'm getting back to work and everyday things, charged with new plans, ideas, hopes and all those things which are natural when a new year takes off...

I'd like to wish everybody a groovy and positive year, let it be well disposed for you, filled with love and creativity!

Just before Christmas I had a chance to see Claudia aka P.Toile playing at Space:Garage in Riga. It turned out to be a really cosy party with deep and warm vibrations, I really enjoyed. Furthermore, Claudia is not just a gifted DJ, but also seems to be a warmhearted person, which is also important in this quite private Space:Garage / Fuck For Friendship biz. So, thanks to Claudia for coming to Riga!

Regarding the space called Space:Garage, no doubt its crew did amazing job, first of all, opening a venue that hosts great parties with outstanding electronic music, well-known guest DJs/producers, still being underground and unpretentious - a so much needed alternative for the big and posh house music clubs in Riga. In brief, it was (and still is) a pure success story, and hopefully this year won't be any worse for them.

In fact, I've started to make my "best tracks of 2007", which should appear here soon.

Another thing to add - finally my mix done exclusively for the Minipower project is on-line on their site. It includes couple of original tracks with sapmples from arabic music (which is less ordinary as say influence of Latin American traditional music in minimal techno), as well as Dubfire’s take on the classic Spastik, the late hit from Matt John about some Olga Dancekowski (love that name!), Dave Aju’s masterpiece Be Like The Sun etc., well, hear yourself.

Take care!

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