Sunday, November 25, 2007


Finally here comes another mix of mine, which explores the domain of jazziness, funkiness, grooviness and swinginess in electronic dance music. Who said that computers, robots and machines can't be funky after all?

Heincha > Funkya mix

1. Nôze - Gaïa 2 [Circus Company]
2. Rip Off Artist - Bear Down [Vertical Form]
3. Mossa - Caraconara [Milnor Modern]
4. Robag Whrume - Ikke's Schlonze [Musik Krause]
5. Mathias Kaden - Obeah [Vakant]
6. DOP - Allo Boom Boom [Circus Company]
7. Martin Eyerer & Toni Rios - Chorizo [Kickboxer]
8. Petre Inspirescu - Racakadoom [Cadenza]
9. Ortega & Stavöstrand - Mandrake [Rrygular]
10. Smith N Hack - For Disco Play Only [Smith N Hack]
11. Egg - Fearless Funny Female [Floppy Funk]
12. Rip Off Artist - Double Diamond [Vertical Form]
13. John Tejada & Arian Leviste - Ramps And Rails [Playhouse]
14. Max Brannslokker - Utopia (Dave Aju's remix) [De'fchild]
15. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Riot In Lagos [Island]
16. Smith N Hack - To Our Disco Friends [Smith N Hack]
17. Safety Scissors - Pigs On Funk [Onitor]
18. My My - Invitation Only [Circus Company]
19. Tina 303 & DefBringa - Tons Of Love Reloaded [Müller]
20. Mathew Jonson - Automatic [Wagon Repair]
21. Tonetraeger - Tink Tank [Spinner Ace]
22. -=UHU=- - Kozmik Funk
23. Dub Kult - Cluster Fuck (Touane remix) [Métisse]
24. Mikael Stavöstrand - Freakin Beatses [Sushitech]
25. Egoexpress - Aranda (Lawrence remix) [Ladomat 2000]
26. Pier Bucci - Glasgow [Crosstown Rebels]


Anonymous said...

Loving ur mix my friend !
arigato !

Anonymous said...

hey my friend u forgot in the track listing our dear friend Mister DAVE AJU and his utopia rmx !
and it's for sure an amzing track .

::: hencha a.k.a. neon b. ::: said...

dOP, thanks for the good words, and your music is dope! ;)

See the track No.14 - yes, it is amazing. I really enjoyed Aju's DJ set at Fuse in Brussels a couple of months ago. Well, Circus Company & Co goes stronger and stronger!

I wish you came to Latvia some day!

Anonymous said...

Thanx u...
i hope too !!

Anonymous said...


::: hencha a.k.a. neon b. ::: said...

Alright, this link was to Zshare file sharing service and it's expired due to inactivity. However, you can find this mix here: