Friday, January 12, 2007

2007 has arrived

Hey, everybody! I'm back from holidays - the end of the previous year was hard in terms of partying, no sleep and amounts of consumed alcohol.

Ralf (DJ Ruftata 110) from Hamburg's Pudel Club was playing at Pulkvedis. Obviously because of the Christmas time (it was on December 23) there were very few people, but anyway it turned out to be a nice, intimate party with outstanding music. He played rather different stuff - from the crazy Justice's cut-up elektrofunk to Si Begg's nu breax to electropunk to some electronic wierdness, from unknown bootlegs to seminal hits (e.g., Digitalism and T.Andersson). That was fun. You can check some pics here.

In fact, a day before there was also some private party in a former factory canteen, which looked a bit like a soviet era secondary school disco room. Thanks DJs Ruftata 110, -=UHU=-, Ivars Mednis, DV5, Android and NGC-5128 for playing good music! In fact, it was a presentation of the first release: NGC-5128 - Outworx (more about this, when the netcords website is launched - a delay occured due to technical reasons, but should be on-line in january). Some photos.

Furthermore, I DJed several times in Pulkvedis together with ZeDmitry. I was surprised that even very straight and mainstream looking people now dance to minimal/deeptech music without any complaints. Is it some kind of trend or what? But I'm ok with that. By the way, I had one of the strangest requests ever - a guy asked me whether I could play any song from year 2004 :)

Alright, speaking about numbers - I wish you a groovy and creative 2007!

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