Monday, January 15, 2007

Things 2 see/hear in Brussels

First of all, briefly about The Clippers performance at Fuse, Brussels. The Clippers are actually Areal's guys Metope + Basteroid. Both were playing live, sounded as using Ableton Live. Honestly, the beginning, except few moments, was nothing spectacular - beats seemed a bit flat and predictable. Furthermore, I wished transitions/mix between tracks have been better. However, gradually they started to play better and better, and after a while they succeeded to set a right groove to make people dance. In fact, some tracks were rather amazing.

Regarding the club itself, I hadn't been in Fuse for ages. I keep wondering what makes it one of the most popular techno spots in Europe - the darkish room does not impress much, and the crowd mostly sucks. But it should be the soundsystem - it's a true pleasure to stand/dance in the midst of the dancefloor, being able to recognize all the details from a record. Plus if music is really good, you don't care about people any more.

I'm thinking of going there next saturday (20.01.) again, just can't miss it. Figure out yourself: the techno legend Jeff Mills stops there while being on his world tour. And that's not all - at the same time it's gonna be a Mobilee label night featuring Exercise One live and Anja Schneider. Said this I must add that Mobilee is one of my favourite labels at the moment.

A day before, on Friday (19.01.), another superproject from Berlin - Pan-Pot - is performing in Brussels. As far as I know their live stuff is something really special. Besides them, Quenum and Lee Van Dowski will rock the floor. So, Exercise One and Pan-Pot in one week-end. Not bad, not bad.

Getting back to Fuse. Some other remarkable dates: 10.02. - Robert Hood + Mikael Stavostrand (live); 17.02. - Alex Under (live) + Alexi Delano.

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