Monday, November 13, 2006

NB! Chart -- October/November

Due to travelling and other things that kept me busy I haven't been checking the new releases so much recently. Anyway, there are some fresher and some less fresh things that were of my particular interest last month or so.

It might happen that I'm wrong but Trentemoller's new album is not very very outstanding, I would say. Don't get me wrong, it's a top quality record and I like it, but it is not astonishing. No big surprises for me. And probably I wish there were more dancefloor tracks in it.

> Xpansul & Daweed - Autopsy [MSX]

Sindicato is a Spanish label, one of my recent discoveries, which focuses on deep but groovy tech-house records. The main names behind this imprint are: Daweed (David González), Xpansoul (Santiago Ferrer) and Fernando Gullón as well as Alexi Delano. I remember A.Delano (and his A.D.N.Y. moniker) from the 90s when he got released by such Swedish labels as Hybrid, Svek, Loop Records etc. It was nice surprise to find out that he is involved in this Sindicato Crew nowadays. He together with Xpansul has a new release on Plus8 -- Intelligence Reframed EP, providing 4 twisted techno tracks, a bit in that Alex Under style. Nice, worth to be checked definetely. Here, however, I have chosen Xpansul's and Daweed's track that was released back in summer.

> Audion - Mouth to Mouth [Spectral Sound]

Matthew Dear's latest production offers 12 minutes of a truly minimal craziness.

> Bill Bolls - Burner (Gauchel rmx) [Schieber]

This is not new, but somehow I missed it when it came out. However, not to be missed!

> FSOL - Lifeforms (Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhmes Simetikon 001-06 & 002-06 Re-Edits) [Virgin]
Gabor Schablitzki & Sören Bodner simply adds an up-to-date beat to the all time classic, and it works!

> Ost & Kjex - Milano Model [Dialect]

I really like these funky still freaky Norwegian guys, this time on French label. This track sounds as their another track Kjexterminate, just more "electronic". The duo is just released by Crosstown Rebels too, with even more dance-floor orientated track (How Not To Be A Biscuit).

> DJ Koze - Snauzi Peitsch [Kompakt]

Koze's brilliantness and wierdness on the Stomping at the Clubfoot EP, served by Kompakt.

> The Egg - Walking Away (Dusty Kid Pop Ga-Ga Remix) [Great Stuff]

So sweet, so pop. (See also the previous post.)

> Konrad Black - Coma Couch Surfing [Items & Things]

Amazing track. I'd love to hear this one loudly on a good quality club sound system.

> James Holden - Lump [Border Community]

Holden's album The Idiots Are Winning is out on Border Community. The title track is so fucked up that even Richard James wouldn't be ashamed. Although I must admit that entire album is rather experimental by that meaning profound electronic fx manipulations (sounds like tweaking Ableton Live). Furthermore, it's a conceptual record dealing with polictics. For instance, track called Intentionally Left Blank consists of 2:05 minutes of a pure silence (hello, Mr. Cage!).

> Zombie Nation - Boostar [UKW]

Another intriguing LP - Black Toys by Zombie Nation - has been released on Florian Senfter's (who is the main zombie) label UKW. I've been always thinking that these guys are very interesting producers, in their own original way blending together electro, techno, hip-hop, IDM... This album is no exception - for those who like innovative but still danceable and playful electronic music. Some other reference names that sounds sort of similiar: Remute, Oliver Koletzki and to less extent -- Boys Noize.

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