Saturday, November 18, 2006

Всё супергут

Today it feels that yesterday I had a few beers too much, on the other hand, DJ Shantel's balkan beats and Eastern European music and drinking goes hand in hand... Yes, his performance was fantastic despite the strange venue for this kind of music -- the ultra-modern philharmony building in Luxembourg.

He started his set in the foyer right after the concerts of Kocani Orkestar and Mahala Rai Banda (which where good, but wouldn't say that supergut). Can you imagine the mood of an official reception (properly dressed up people of all age wandering around with glasses in their hands) and Shantel firing out a funny but rude Russian song Всё супергут (Everything's supergut -- is it Leningrad btw?) and making some funny comments/jokes on top? So the first impression was wierd, but anyway he succeeded to make the party happen right away -- the stuff he played would make even a deadman dance. Of course, it wasn't just DJing, it was more of making a show, Shantel is just that kind of person (and it didn't even matter that his Russian accent was probably fake, because he is from Frankfurt, and actually that's her mother who comes from Bucovina in Romania/Ukrain). The show elements included, for instance, giving vodka to the crowd, asking girls dance on a DJ-table, and a lot of singing on top of his records. It was lots of fun, I highly recommend seeing him whenever you have a chance.

Said this, I'd like to share a funny song, which is not really gypsies/balkan song, but anyway works well for me. It's a girl from Tatarstan with her project Superalisa.

The link to: Superalisa - EVM-01

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