Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Party time

This Friday there will be the next 1,2-cauri! party in Riga. I'm really looking forward to see Ned Beckett (a.k.a. N>E>D) - the official Warp Records DJ -, and Tim Exile, who is mostly making IDM-drum'n'bass-breakcore and is released on Mike Paradina's Planet Mu label. Thus probably the two most known IDM labels will be represented there.

Cobra Killer is a funny duo from Berlin, their music is a wierd mixture of electroclash, noise, rrrriot girlie punk etc. Should be entertaining.

Regarding myself, I will bring some IDM, bastard pop and electropunk records to play, but we will see how its gonna turn out. See you there!

Exile - Merlin

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