Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Missed and coming events in May

What I've missed last week:

Blacktrobe live

That's sad, because I've never seen Blacktrobe live, just Ivan Smagghe dj-ing.

DJ Hacker

The upcoming events I wouldn't like to miss:

The postrock icons Silver Mt. Zion are playing tonight in Luxembourg,

May 6: The legendary Superdiscount guys Alex Gopher & Etienne de Crecy will play in Luxembourg. Other DJs at this event suck (ok, they are not my cup of tea), but it's worth attending just because of this duo.

May 12: the next 1,2-cauri! party in Riga featuring Cobra Killer (2 crazy German girls), Time Exile (Planet Mu), Ned Beckett and Flat-E (both Warp Recs). I'm really looking forward seeing them!

May 18: Vive la fete are coming to Luxembourg. This is one of my favourite electropop band. Kitsch!

Vive la fete - Claude francois

Vive la Fete - Non Stop Vive Fosett

...and maybe some more.

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neon b. said...

well, Silver Mt.Zion is already missed, The Wedding Present - too... what else will I miss?