Tuesday, May 09, 2006

NB! Top 10 - April

April's over, so here are some tracks I enjoyed last month.

> Alex Under – Distantes [M_nus]

It's taken from his new Collage ep (and finally he gets released on M_nus), and it is probably the most techno-ish record from the guy – at least Disatntes is a sort of Jeff Mills style banging and deep minimal techno track, but still having all those Under’s qualities – mindbending, psychedelic drive and playfulness. His music is somehow wierd – a bit reminiscent of DJ Koze, but of course it is diffirent.

> Booka Shade – Pong Pang [Get Physical]

I keep on digesting the superb Movements LP, which is arguebly the best album this year so far. This is sweet and funny avoiding being cheesy though. A phonky acid tribalism.

> Dirka Dirka? – Whooom [Dipolter]

Oh, what an intro, what an echo! Behind this funny name there are two German guys.

> Rekorder – Rekorder 5.3 [Rekorder]

Thumbs up to an exceptionally good release in the Rekorder serie (however, the most exceptional for me is the 3rd track). It is not that minimal as the title and overall aesthetics of the relese may look like – there is something of Get Physical / Border Community deep and trancey business and some minimal, groovy funkiness of Louderbach and Tekel.

> Lazy Fat People – Big City [Border Community]

It’s been around for a while, but the first I got another track from this release – Dark water – and I didn’t like it all, thus somehow not checking the rest... Until recently I heard Big City – wow, it’s beautiful! Unfolding melodies in the best BC traditions.

> Matt John – Forgive the Lines [Underl_ne]

A bit spooky one from his Behing the Atoms ep. I'm sure it works both ways: 4 dancing / listening.

> Claude Vonstroke – Deep throat (Sebastien Leger rmx) [Electro Choc]

Some freaky acidhouse action from America.

> Jay Tripwire – I am a masterbeater (Claude Vonstroke rmx) [Utensil]

This rmx is so deeeep and trippy, and what a nice vocal sample! Well done, Mr. Vonstroke!

> Butane – Tinker Toy [Num]

Butane (Andrew Rasse) is another American producer. A really minimal, rather simple but nice track from his Visualise the Path ep with a smooth subbass and straight repetitive beat.

> Mihai Popoviciu - In Zare [Arhiva7]

Romanian vampdico :)

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