Tuesday, February 17, 2009

netcords003 is out

After some period of silence (due to technical and personal reasons), the netlabel netcords is back with a release from Latvian electronic music and counterculture activist Z99. The EP is based on his track "Juusu gruuvs" (which means "Your groove" in Latvian) - a deep, immersive and rather non-standard piece of techno - plus remixes from LXC (Germany), Casual Violence (Germany), Veste (Luxembourg) and Esse (Lithuanian).

The artists are quite different, so are the remixes. LXC offers a kind of dub meets drum & bass interpration. Casual Violence goes more into dark and atmospheric experimental techno direction with some references to electronic industrial music. Veste offers an edit in the best minimal analogue deep techno traditions, whereas Esse's remix is a moody deephouse cut. However, the best way is to hear them yourself, so feel free to download this EP from the netcords site. Enjoy and groove along!

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