Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Riga's still on tour

I'm just start recovering from the crazy week-end, all can I say is that Riga Night Brussels was amazing. Great music, talented and open-minded freak-friends and suprisingly good response from the other people who were there. I must also add that it wasn't just playing music, dancing and performing, it was definitely much more - in the best FuckForFriendship traditions. I mean, it's not just about performing, it's more like a way of life and attitude.

While Riga Night Brussels is over, you can still catch some echo of it this week in Luxembourg. This Friday, September 12 Martinez Gonzalez will have a live set and I will play some records in d:qliq bar. This time I plan to do it a bit more pop, also some vocals and joyful melodies, but we'll see how it turns out. Everybody's welcome.

By the way, while driving in a car through Brussels, there was a Flamish radio on telling about some DJ festival. I didn't get a word, but for some strange reason the guy on radio kept mentioning mojitos. So, just to know - d:qliq likely has the best mojitos in the town.

Thank you Riga and thank you my friends!

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