Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In da box and playlist: july-september

It's been a long time. Well, the summer just passed too quickly, and autumn melancholy is already all around. The following are some of my favorite 4/4 tunes currently and lately.

> Matias Aguayo - Minimal [Kompakt]

A funky and passionate disco-like groover by the Chilean producer and singer Matias Aguayo. First I heard it played by DJ Koze at Kompakt Total party, Marcus Rossknecht's mix though. The funny lyrics worked very well, and the song became an instant hit for me. Also, it was the unofficial anthem of Riga Night (and days) in Brussels.

> Kevin Saunderson - Good Love (Luciano remix) [KMS]

This one comes from History Elevate series - a rather successful remix project of Kevin Saunderson's tracks. This particular one was a vocal house production under Inner City moniker. Luciano stripped down version is quite basic and laid-back, a minimal beat, some percussion, the original vocal with dubby delays. It's not outstanding, however I like its deep and repetitive vibe and summer feel.

> STL - Something Is Raw [Something]

STL aka Stephan Laubner is my recent discovery. He is a master of percussive house grooves and loops, that's a proper minimal house. This track, which is a real stormer, has been released back in October 2007, however I must mention it because its groove made my day and I has been playing it quite a lot.

> Mutant Clan - Kenesai [Connaisseur]

The track sets an irresistable tribal groove. I don't know anything much about the authors except that one of them is Timo Maas. Another side of this From A Lesson In Drums release is fine too, done by someone called Pele.

> October - Say Again [Perspektiv]

Very deep and hypnotic, though having quite accented and metallic snares. I believe it might be some dubstep influence. October has almost arrived.

> Stimming - Una Pena [Diynamic]

Although latino sapmples and motifs have become over-used, this Stimming's track still sounds interesting. It's got that typical and quite distinctive Diynamic sound, also typical for Solomun - music is very melodic yet different from usual Get Physical / Cocoon epic stuff. I don't know, but probably it's more psychedelic and dreamy, those melodies and samples sound distant somehow creating a transcendental effect. A nice, more punchy Argy's remix on the flipside too. Check also Stimming's track Anger for Liebe*Detail - it has a very nice strings when reaching the culmination.

> Brendon Moeller - Electricity [Leena]

A deep tech-house banger from one of my favorite producers. The whole EP is a goodie. Well, B.Moeller know how to dig deep still having his own original approach. Besides, he's done an amazing remix of Intrusion - Tswana Dub, you should definitely check it out if you're into electronic dub / dubtechno.

> Dave Aju - Crazy Place [Circus Company]

This guy is from San Francisco and making weird minimal house records for the French label Circus Company. Kind of DJ Koze's style, you know. Crazy Place is a cool and relaxed gem with a nice vocal and strange samples.

> DOP - I'm Just A Man EP [Eklo]

I can just agree with RA's review that this is their best and tightest release so far. A pure jazz dope, very groovy and dancefloor friendly. Should become a hit.

> My My - Pink Flamingos [Ostgut Tontraeger]

It's been out for a while, but I've given it a listen just recently. My My successfully continues exploring funky disco basslines and dreamy deep house atmospheres avoiding boring cliches.

> Morgan Geist - Detroit [Environ]

A hilarious vocal track on the electronic disco and Detroit techno tip.


> Stefan Goldmann - The Transitory State [Macro]

The first of two CDs is a slightly edited selection of his tracks mainly for his own Macro imprint which all sound together surprisingly well. Nice collection.

> Shed - Shedding the Past [Ostgut Tontraeger]

Very interesting and experimental deep house meets dubtechno meets dubstep tracks. The soundtrack of now.

> V.A. - Recovery [Fractured]

Although it's not really a dancefloor stuff, I can't avoid mentioning it - so great it is. Originally it's a set of 10 7-inches. All of them are covers of pop songs done by respected electronic music producers. Yummy, thanks Gosh for suggesting.

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::: hencha a.k.a. neon b. ::: said...

Just found some more information about DJ October on Tape blog:

"Undoubtedly the finest purveyor of forward thinking techno music in the city, Julian Smith has turned heads worldwide with his recent productions on his own Caravan label, and also for Ripperton's Perspectiv. Mastered by Robert Babicz (aka. Rob Acid), his current release, 'Say Again' is a futurist broken techno track that's been rocking floors worldwide. Not to mention that his 'Three Drops' track is a favourite of Surgeon, and has been invited to perform a set on his radio show in the coming month. In addition, his track 'Invitation' has just been licenced as the final track on the new instalment of Steve Bug's 'Bugnology' mix series - great praise indeed!"

There is also some more info about his upcoming releases on Tape. Well, I was right by thinking that he must be British when heard the record.