Saturday, March 08, 2008

In da box & playlist

It's time for an overview of tracks that have been somewhat most important for me this year so far.

> Bruno Pronsato - Why Can't We Be Like Us LP [Hello? Repeat]

This year started with a grand record - a long-player by Bruno Pronsato, which became an instant classic as soon as it appeared. Abstract samples and complex drum patterns - he takes electronic dance music one step further. Looking forward to hearing anything else from Pronsato.

> Radiohead - Everything Is Its Right Place (Afefe Iku Re-Edit) [White]

Gosh introduced me to some of his discoveries in dance music, and indeed they were outstanding. Particularly this Afefe Iku's unofficial edit of Radiohead's song made my day. The building tension and work with samples in some way is reminescent of another great remix - Villalobos' take on Depeche Mode's Sinner - whereas the tight rhythm more owes to the afro-deephouse tradition (Osunlande might be a good example). Have to be a bomb on a dancefloor!

> Michal Ho - Screw The Coffeemaker (Inxec's Neschino Blend Remix) [Turning Spork]

The original track comes from the same titled LP, which was very good by the way. Now Inxec delivers an insane electronic boogie version.

> Anthony Collins - Bricolage [Liebe*Detail]

A brilliant, deep and melodic track from Anthonny Collins - easily his best work so far. Also Rose's track on the other side is a serious groover. Liebe*Detail keeps its standards high.

> Sian - Wear Your Scars Like Medals [Aus Music]

A peak-hour techno anthem with mind-blowing sirens. Simple, yet effective somehow, the type of tracks like Audion's Mouth To Mouth. Actually the most technoish track heard from Aus Records so far.

> Todd Bodine - Secret Edge EP [Mothership]

Two solid deep tech-house tracks.

> The Cheapers & The Incredible Hochzeitsband - Muaäh [Upon.You]

Taken from Upon.You compilation From Home Sweet Home - Session Chapter 2. Ruede Hagelstein is involved in this project, so no wonder that the track is so funny. Funny yet hypnotic - which is unusual combination.

> [a]pendics.shuffle - No Reduction (Mathias Schaffhauser remix) [Adjunct]

I like the beat.

> Flip & Def Jaguar - This Sound (Dubnoodles remix) [Brut!]

My vote goes for Dubnoodles remix - a dirty electro bassline coupled with bleepy and groovy percussion. Check also Murat Tepeli's Chicago house version.

> Minilogue - Hispaniola [Cocoon]

In terms of jazziness and phat basslines it can easily compete with Mathew Jonson. However, the title track does not impress.

From the camp of IDM, electronica and ambient:

> Clark - Turning Dragon LP [Warp]

Crazy experimental techno meets IDM. Pure blast of energy. So good!

> Rod Modell - Incense & Blacklight LP [Plop]

A voyage into the world of deep, dark and dubby atmospheres by the dubtechno maestro of many disguises: Echospace, DeepChord, CV313 etc.

> Bjorn Torske - Feil Knapp LP [Smallsound Supersound]

Laid back grooves, dubby atmospheres, 8-bit bleeps, contrapunctual melodies - very interesting record by this talanted Norvegian producer and DJ. I saw him DJ-ing last year in Luxemburg - awesome.

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