Thursday, December 07, 2006

In brief

Last Sherburne's Month in techno column is a nice and sentimental piece, which sounds a bit like confession. Regarding the context thing, I can just totally agree that it's important to experience techno/e-music on a club sound system, not just on a playlist. To feel how it bangs, how it interacts with a crowd... You'll also find there his summary on the best tracks in 2006. I'll do my own later in january, just can add that Mr.Villalobos will be one of the heroes in my upcoming monthly chart.

Furthermore, my attention was caught by "Needle in the hey" entry on his blog, discussing the issue whether a DJ should bring his own TT needles when performing. (As far as I remember this topic was brought up in the or its forum too.) Last time being in Latvia I also learned that at the moment DJs are expected to bring their own needles there, which was not really the case some 5 years ago. And you better be informed about this kind of local rules to avoid unpleasent surprises.

That's in brief. Stay tuned.

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