Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Few days ago I saw Peaches in a concert. In fact, the show and music was better than I had expected. She didn't play alone just with a guitar and a drum-machine as she used to, but with a band including a live drummer, and another two people on synths and bass. She was less hardcore, less rude and provoking as (I suppose) she used to be, so basically the new image is more (electro)pop than lo-fi punk, which isn't a bad thing necessarily. Her new album I like even better than "Fatherfucker", which for my taste was too much into rocky guitars. But what's more important - it seemed that she's still quite honest in what she's doing (baring in mind that there's a lot of parody and irony in general, but her attitude is still ok, for instance, in comparison to Chicks on Speed, who pretend to be mega-artists, suckas). Conclusion: Peaches still rocks and entertains. Shake yer tits, shake yer dix!

Peaches - Downtown

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