Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NB! Chart - September

By the way, here's some music that has been on my turntables and my playlist in September:

> Format: B - Sex Drive [Opossum]

A smooth and rather kicking tech-house track from their Cosa Nostra Funk EP. Should go well together with Trentemoller et al.

> Spektrum - Mayday (DJ T. remix) [Nonstop]

The Get Physical guys have nicely treated this freaky track by Spektrum. It's electric, it's funky, it's groovy, ya know. Mayday, Mayday!

> Matthew Jonson - Automatic [Wagon Repair]

What a great track! I cannot figure out whether there is more techno or jazz in it, but it does not matter after all.

> Compuphonic - Placid Corporation [Dirty Dancing]

Another entry from the Belgian producer - a sweet and melodic nu-italo-dico track. It is not anything really revolutionary, extra-ordinary or hyper-fresh, but I'm still like this kind of music. By the way, Spirit Catcher's rmx on the flip-side is nothing special.

> Joel Mull - For Me [Underwater]

It's been out for some while, but I must admit that the AA track is a masterpiece of deep and building-up techno. For me, a bit reminescent of Dark Train.

> Gavin Herlihy - Machine Ate My Homework [Moodmusic]

When it came out I somehow didn't pay due attention to it - the first impression was that it was another pretentious piece in that new Get Physical style. I was wrong, it's a fucking brilliant anthem.

> Heinrichs & Hirtenfeller - Your Are I [Supdub]

Some nicely produced micro-action in a minor key.

> The Knife - Like a Pen (Thomas Schumacher dub) [Brille]

In fact this track is one of my favourite from The Knife's brilliant album, and I must admit that it's hard to beat the original. However, Schumacher has done a good job, this dub version is a really good addition. Again, as a reference Trentemoller's distictive sound might be used to describe this.

> Antena - Camino del Sol (Joakim remix) [Permanent Vacation]

A melodic, dreamy balearic tune yet a bit ackward and spooky. Well, Joakim is scoring once again with this remix. Not bad at all.

> Peaches - Downtown [XL Recordings]

Probably you hadn't been expecting Peaches singing a melodic (electro)pop song in a way Goldfrapp could do, but I sort of like her last album, particularly after seeing her live. She's still kicking, vibrant, and this song is a nice piece of good pop music.

Joel Mull - For Me

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