Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bits and bytes

Hey, I'm back! Just in brief.

The Orgy party wasn't so good as expected due to the sound quality problems the first night. Apart from that everything was organized really well, but sound is crucial, ya know. If it sounds like crap it just sounds like crap, and no DJ can do anything about it. Actually that was the reason why Namosh finished his performance shortly after starting it. Too bad, he seemed promising and extremely funny. However, the 2nd night was much better. Cosy Mozzy had a great set, balancing between some more pop disco house/italo/electrohouse and more sophisticated stuff. I was surprised hearing him dropping in the old classic Spastik by Plastikman. Ivars had a nice groovy set as well. After all, the event was quite OK, but, however, the first night's sound problems had a negative impact. All the dear promoters and organisers should take into account that sound system quality and sound engineer do matter to make a party happen!


What's new regarding music.

The new Extrawelt's single on Svath's Cocoon imprint is not as good as their brilliant release on Kompass if you ask me. It's somewhat more traditional, less twisted, but nevertheless it's a solid record, nice production and should work well on a dancefloor. Just check it out:

Extrawelt - Titelheld

Every release on the seminal Border Community label is a much awaited event. Some polyphony by Swedish producer Petter is a smart, interesting, but still melodic track. You can check the track on Random Circuits blog.

Recently I've been paying more attention to dubstep. Most of the earlier productions seemed to me too boring and doomy, but I must admit that the latest releases by Skream, Pinch, Burial and the likes are great. It's become more nuanced, more electronic, more leaning towards IDM and digital dub.

Skream - Glamma


At the moment I'm working on several mixes. To be shared somewhere as soon as they are ready.


All the best, enjoy the summer!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Cosmic Sandwich said...

title held - great post

dub step is catching on very quick check out mary anne hobbs on radio 1 mon 1 -3 am great show of electronic music loads of dub step and experimental sounds

neon b. said...

thanx 4 advise, man. I'll try to check it out.