Friday, June 02, 2006

Raw and dirty

Nowadays the world of music literally has no boundaries and everything gets remixed, bootleged, cracked, reinterpreted. Mainly thanks to the Net and cheap computers. Strange breeds of music occur in Rio de Janeiro, Middle East or Tokyo, mash-ups, remixes, plundertronics... all kind of shit. That's amazing! That is so post-modern, whatever it means!

But taking into account the huge amount of music and info surrounding it - it's impossible to keep track on what's going on: a) everywhere geographically; b) in different genres. In this case some trustful info sources can help with an advice, e.g., specialized music blogs. Regarding the music that used to be called "world beat" (you can add/use some of these adjectives: ethnic, eclectic, ghetto, underground, raw, dirty...) one of the guys, who no doubts digs it, is dj/rupture. I saw him once playing in Berlin - he was awesome!

Today an idea to check some things about him led to his blog, which, I suppose, might serve as a useful resource. So, voilà, here it is:

At his blog I found the link to another cool blogsite more specializing in funk and related stuff:

Enjoy, I will!

btw, does anyone knows whether Diplo has a private blog?? He might be also a good source for this kind of music. Today at Pitchforkmedia I read an interview with him - it's old one, but he is telling some amazing things. For instance, about Rio - how favela kids make music and have fun:

Pitchfork: What are the parties like?

Total madness. The sound system is a 25-30' set of speakers that are
like 60' long. They're in basketball gyms, but I can't imagine anyone playing
basketball in them. They're for parties. I think five years ago there were a lot
of articles written about it because of the fights and the guns and things, but
every party I've been to was really fun. The [kids] might get frisked or checked
before they get in, but the parties are generally really safe and its just kids
having fun. It's real sexual, though, the dancing.

Everything about it is super-intense. If you have to travel like 30
minutes to a favela on the outskirts of the city, on the way back you'll be
stopped by like three or four police roadblocks with machine guns and they'll
make you get out of your car. Just to get into a favela, you've gotta turn your
headlights off and the lights in your car on-- you wanna make sure that the
people in the favela know that you're somebody cool and not an undercover cop or
in a rival gang so they don't snipe you right off the bat. I thought it was a
normal custom and then after a couple of times I was like what, this is crazy--
I realized I'm lucky that I haven't been shot.

Ain't it fun? Ain't it hardcore? It sounds for real, real life, ya know... I would really like to see it one day... Also V.Delay told me how impressed was he after visiting favelas in Rio de Janeiro and seeing how music is made there.

Regarding Diplo today his remix of Teddybears feat. Mad Cobra - Cobra Style is released. The original was/is great, and I expect that the remix should be good, too, so it's time to start looking for it.

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