Friday, June 09, 2006

Five stars

This is just a quick post about few things I enjoy a lot lately.

1) Hot Chip - The Warning

This is the kind of popmusic I like: it is melodic, catchy, ironic, but still a bit freaky and having interesting production. Some may call it indietronics or whatever, but to me it is just nice music.

Hot Chip - Careful

2) Rekid - Made in Menorca

Oh, this is so dark and so deep. It's amazing how he achieves such a nice effect using so minimalistic means. It's not the first record where dub meets electronic music but the way it is done is pretty unique, and this is a characteristic of good music - when the first time you hear it, you think: "damn, I've never heard anything like this before! I even couldn't imagine that something like this exist." For example, I haven't heard better ambiendub piece than Priya for many years. Amazing tracks are Lost Star 6 and Retro Active. In fact, there is no need to distinguish any seperate track, because all tracks taken together work so well.

Rekid - Priya

3) Extrawelt - Ferweh/Drehfehler

The new Extrawelt release is another outstanding record which grabbed my attention. Twisted beats, unfolding melodies... Better judge yourself.

Extrawelt - Drehfehler


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