Thursday, December 17, 2009

Get down to this funky disco sound!

Hello Hello!

This year is running out, but there are still some parties ahead. Now a brief information about a couple of events I will be spinning at.

Firs of all, this Saturday - 19/12/2009 - "Disco Not Disco" night at our beloved Space:Garage. Seems like it will be a rather deep yet joyful ride. You can always expect a quality disco selection from Homeradio guys, who are the hosts of this event, then, on the other hand, Gosh is an expert of deep and dubby grooves with his excellent musical taste... Arno is going to put some music in the beginning with supposedly dub influenced vibes. As regards me, I'm planning to go rather deep path with records from artists/labels like Brendon Moeller, Coutu Dumonts, Liebe*Detail. Actually it's been a long time since I've played a proper set with vinyl records, so really looking forward to this. And last but not least, Rodion and Wickiss will celebrate their birthdays there.

Well, I also will have a reason for a celebration soon after - I'm turning 33 years old on 22/12. On this occasion, everyone is very welcome to pop by on my b-day party which will take place at Dirty Deal on Wednesday, 23/12/2009. The mood is intended to be quite private, and very eclectic music from me, Kristaps and my friends (feel free to bring your records/laptops with you for some bit of DJing).

OK, see you and cheers!


Gosh from Yaputhma said...
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Gosh from Yaputhma said...

Oi! :)

Check the mix I've (almost, ahem, read the explanation) recorded that night!

And sorry for not making it to your birthday... I was going to, but in the end was feeling way tired and couldn't drag my ass outta home :(

::: hencha a.k.a. neon b. ::: said...

Gosh, nu otlichnij mix, i klassno ti sigral. Vot ja sam kak to neochen, k sozheleniju, chustvoval groova, bili problemi s naushnikami i voobshe ne ochen miksirovalos horosho, no takoje bivajet... I kak-to ponil chto s plastinkami zapara - vrode otbirajesh odin selection, a chto delat esli atmosfera v klube tokaja, chto nado bilo bi postavit chto-to drugoje, no eto drugoje ostalos doma v Luksemburge... A s Ryanairom mnogo vinila ne vzjat s soboj bezplatno, no, s drugoj starani, ja escho ispitavoju sentimentalnij connection s vinilom i nehochetsa tolko mp3 igrat...

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