Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In da box & playlist: October - December

The end of the year is approaching quickly, and it's time to put down 10 records wich were significant for me these last months.

> DOP – Horns N Roses [Eklo]

A serious groover, tight and funky like no other. If we compare this release to other French jazz-minimal producers, this time they sound closer to Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts than to Noze (as they sounded in their previous outputs). It comes from the excellent I’m Just A Man EP.

> Seuil – Double Room EP [Moon Harbour]

An outstanding EP, all 3 tracks are excellent! Very detailed percussion, perfectly fitting sample snippets and smooth arrangement. Laidback atmospheres combined with more energetic outbursts.

> Los Updates – Getting Late (Luciano’s remix) [Cadenza]

As many other Luciano’s works, his take on Los Updates’ song is quite relaxed yet masterful combination of minimal loops and beats with more organic elements. Even if it’s not exactly a peak-hour burner, weirdly sweet vocals and bleepy texture sets a nice mood.

> Appleblim & Peverelist – Over Here (Beat Pharmacy remix) [ApplePips]

Brendon Moeller turns the original dubstep track into a deep and hypnotic dubhouse. Excellent! And it’s got a killer bass.

> Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner – Tromp It [Supdub]

After some rather mediocre releases, the guys have delivered a real hit. It’s one of those funny big tracks that can easily get annoying if overplayed but it still works really well with me. The flipside ain’t bad either.

> Masomenos – What Is This? [WTM]

I’ve spotted this French project this summer. They definetely have their own flavour and ability to combine minimal palette with beautiful meloties. This particular piece could easily be their most techno-like track so far.

> Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – I Was On My Hell EP [Circus Company]

It’s hard to choose one of the two present tracks – both are rockers. Guillaume is certainly one of my favorite producers this year. Once gained wider recognition he doesn’t stop making outstanding tracks. His highly percussive rhythms (he has studied drums) and skillful sampling of ethnic music is much more advanced than many other tracks based on this now popular formula.

> Luciano & Mirco Loco – Family EP [Desolat]

Serena – an easy-going track with a volatile ambient atmosphere; Liah is reminescent of Lucien’s laidback tracks under his Lucien-N-Luciano alias, one of the tracks's central motifs is based on weirdly sounding bells; Mousa Big Band – a kicking beat coupled with funny muttering, shouts and other "exotic" samples.

> Robert Dietz & Markus Fix - Shunsower [Cécille Numbers]

The track is quite functional, but the main vocal sample in background is just damn catchy and the groove – nicely progressing and welcoming to move along.

> Jark Prongo – M-Tech [a.r.t.less]

Rereleased and remastered. A little techno train brings us back to Detroit.

> Move D - Cube [Running Back]

A deep, tight and stripped down (micro)dubhouse with a very fine and moving groove.


There were quite many outstanding albums lately.

> Lee Jones - Electronic Frank [Aus]

It could easily be my favorite electrinic dance music albums this year - classic house chords arranged in innovative way and decorated with interesting yet organic samples. Beautiful! (You can read an elaborated review on this album by Gosh at FFF site).

> Deadbeat - Roots And Wire [Wagon Repair]

Deep and dubby rhythmic structures at his best.

> Minilogue – Animals [Cocoon]

Finally Minilogue puts out an album. Although some tracks are heard before, there are still many great moments in this LP if you are up to their juicy and jazzy sound.

> Sten – The Essence LP [Dial]

Moody and melodic tracks that owns much to Detroit. One of my favorite tracks might be the freaky Take Me To Fridge.

> Extrawelt - Schöne Neue Extrawelt [Cocoon]

This is another goodie on Coccon. Well, yes, there are references to (neo)trance, progressive house, abundance of melodies, but one must admit - it's just a great piece of music after all.

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