Friday, May 09, 2008

In brief: Berlin & Riga

Good afternoon! I've been travelling for a while: first, Berlin, now still being in Riga.

Riga Night in Berlin was pretty cool: relaxed and cosy atmosphere, a lot of booze and back 2 back mixing, but that's how we do that :) I would like specially thank Ivonna and the guys from White label for the warm welcome - it was great! By the way, White002 and particularly Zadak's track seems quite big - I even heard it at Panorama bar next day (I'm not sure who was at the decks that moment, but could be A.Galluzzi). As far I know, White003 by Oskar Offermann is on its way, so watch out! Not just the party, but Berlin in general was fun, of course - hanging out with friends, sunny afterhours in parks with blossoming trees all around, drinking beer on Kastanienallee and Oranienstrasse, in such moments life seems sweet. No wonder that I missed the plane back to Luxemburg. Instead, I headed straight to Riga.


Riga. It's cool in both senses: quite many cultural events take place here these weeks, and the weather is quite cold. First of all, the festival of contemporary and electronic music Skaņu Mežs has taken off. So far I've got impressed most by Hauschka and Alva Noto, but there are many interesting artists/projects this night and tommorow as well.


As you might already know, Space:Garage club was closed down all of sudden (the authorities in Riga suck etc., but more on this subject later). However, FuckForFriendship team promises to continue their activities in some way. Tonight they present a party with a live set by Jake Fairley aka Fairmont, who's a wizard of melodic, quite mellow yet masterful tracks. I've seen him once at Le NAME festival, and can assure that he is doing great stuff.

Alright, see you probably tonight either at Skaņu Mežs or Fairmont's gig. Or at both!

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