Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Artificial Intelligence

Hello! I’m kindly invited to play records at Intelligent Debosch — it’s a regular night at Space:Garage by the Intelligent Beats radio show and Ksenia Kamikaza if more concretely. The concept behind these events is to present slightly less different stuff than usual that you can regularly hear in this club, something more “intelligent”, abstract, not that straight-forward, as well as presenting live artists… Alright, I’m not so sure what kind of intelligence is expected exactly (does it mean music having an impact more on mind than on body?), but I’m looking forward trying out some tracks that in some way would differ from my usual repertoire.

This time as a live act Martinez Gonzalez will perform, who’s our local hero of soulful and melodic electronica. Other DJs are the hostess Ksenia Kamikaza and a talented and well-respected Latvian DJ (also a producer) Vital.

Among other things, Ksenia runs ind-ex web portal, which features general news, club and parties agendas, music reviews and DJ mixes. I have recorded a couple of mixes for them; the first one is already available on ind-ex site.

This mix takes on a deep and melancholic journey, consisting of some amazing tracks which are on my playlist lately, and as such it is primarily made for listening pleasure (see the tracklist below this post).

While the first mix focuses on boundaries-pushing minimal tech-house with complex rhythmic structures and awesome production, another mix is a homage to true house music and analogue approach to production. The second mix is not published yet, but I will announce its appearance when it happens.

That’s it for the moment, see you probably in Riga! The event will take place this Saturday, February 23.

DJ Hencha - Snowing Outside mix:

1. Onur Ozer - Eclipse
2. Bruno Pronsato - Same Faces, Different Names
3. Pawel - Early Bird
4. Kabale Und Liebe feat. Daniel Sanchez - Mumbilng Yeah
5. Ark & Mossa - Christina Aguleira
6. Melchior Productions Ltd. - Out There
7. Onur Ozer - Orion
8. Marcel Dettmann - Sepia 807
9. Prince Du Pantha - Eisbaden
10. Sideshow - Scary Biscuits (John Tejada remix)
11. Brendon Moeller - Saviour
12. Luciano - Montana
13. Touane - Chamber
14. Gudrun Gut - Cry Easy
15. Bruno Pronsato - What They Wish
16. Selffish - Demo177v4

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