Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Billy Jean going mental


1) I'm hardly waiting to see Apparat's gig on Saturday - yes, he's coming to Luxemburg. His new album Walls is sweet - he's a master in creation of melodic, uplifting, even pop tunes, yet delivering state-of-art IDM production qualities. You can listen some tunes from this album on Apparat's myspace.

2) Few days ago I was experimenting with Ableton, and found out that an accidental loop of acapella from M.Jackson's hit song - Billy Jean - fits well together with Altz's track Tune In. So, I made a recording - transposed the Billy Jean loop, and played it over and over again on Altz's track, adding some delays. The result is kind of dubby and psychedelic, in my view. Have a listen.

Altz - Tune In (Hencha's Billy Jean psychodub)

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